Electronic music is my not so guilty pleasure, despite the fact that my overly synth-saturated iPod is accompanied with some frustration from loved ones (sorry, SS). Deep house, synth, EDM, progressive indie dance — whatever you want to call it, it’s here to stay. Males dominate the DJ turntables in both the popular charts and virtually every electronically inclined locale, but we often forget about the female DJs that know how to put up a mad decent fight. We all know the Zedds, Alessos, and Kaskades of the genre, so I figured, why not discover the best the ladies of electronic music have to offer?

Flexing my music curatorial skills (or lack thereof, you can decide later), I put together a little list to walk you through just some of the ladies killing it in the worldwide DJ scene. If you don’t dig a lot of traditional electronic influence in your tunes, don’t you worry! These DJs draw inspiration from every music genre possible, so their mixes have bits of rap, mainstream, jazz, and rock that these girls spin into further music flawlessness.

1. Chelsea Leyland

I love this girl. Not only is her SoundCloud profile picture one of her with killer eyebrows and holding an equally fierce cat, her mixes are perfect. A just mellow enough blend of tunes you’ve definitely heard on the radio, Leyland is one to follow on all the applicable music platforms.

2. Samantha Ronson

Yo, turns out Lindsay Lohan’s wickedly talented ex-girlfriend knows how to add a sick beat to already catchy and gritty songs. If you’re into louder and more hard-core drops in your jams, Ronson is definitely one to get into.

3. Jessie Andrews

Smooth is the best way to describe any mixes that Andrews has blessed with her DJ skills. It’s hard not to get lost in the deep bass of these house tracks, so please treat yourself and enjoy all of Andrews’ listings excessively and with a solid pair of headphones.

4. Kittens

Let me start off by saying that this babe stole my future DJ name. However, I am willing to forgive her after listening to the spin she puts on R&B and rap tracks. Try not to repeat the mix below 100+ times, I dare you. Also, shout out to that contagious beat starting at the 8:15 mark. DAMN.

5. Astronautica

If you’re feeling iffy about the intensity of some electronic beats, this girl is the perfect place to start. Think of this DJ’s jams as a mixture of tropical/chill house/feel good vibes. Yes, I did just make that genre combination up, but it seemed like the best way to summarize Astronautica’s summer inspired tracks. Listening to these tunes is guaranteed to take you away on a mellow cloud to music heaven —seriously.

6. Sosupersam

Is it weird to describe a DJ’s sound as tight? I hope not, because that’s sosupersam’s music in a nutshell. It screams cool and confident, blending slow bass influenced remixes with hype hip-hop sounds.

So there you have it! Let me know what you think of the ladies I included on this list, and I hope you enjoy the smooth sounds these DJs create.

Yours Creatively,

Alexandra Kopij, Music Editor

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