Music Monday: Daydreaming About Summer


Maybe we’re jumping a little bit ahead here, but now that the days are longer, it’s almost impossible not to daydream about summer. And what better way to make these daydreams reality, than listening to your favourite summer tunes? While everyone has that album that they played non-stop last summer, here’s a few of our favourite albums to get you in the mood.


Alvvays “Alvvays”  


By now, I hope that most of us have heard this album. If you haven’t, you’ve gotta listen to it. Alvvays is an indie-pop band from Toronto and has been getting tons of attention for their debut, self-titled album released in July 2014 (it’s currently nominated for two Juno Awards!!!!). I heard this band at Wolfe Island Musical Festival this summer and was immediately hooked. If sitting on a boat all day on the hottest day of summer, drinking beer and watching the sunset had a sound – this would be it. You can listen to a couple songs off their album here:


Raw Fabrics EP “Gold Handcuffs”


I found this band while browsing the Internet, and let me just say that I am hooked. Hailing from LA, Raw Fabrics strives on their ‘dance-punk sounds’, and their EP Gold Handcuffs will satisfy all of your rock needs. For those fans of the Arctic Monkeys and Muse, Raw Fabrics are what you have been searching for. Get your Dancing Shoes on here:



STRFKR “Miracle Mile”

STRFKR is an electronic band from Portland, Oregon (obviously, where the hippest of bands are from). They released their first album in 2008, and their most recent album, Miracle Mile, in 2013. This album is filled with nothing but upbeat feel-good tunes that are perfect for sunny-days, and warm summer nights. Lucky for you, the full album is right here:


Minus The Bear “Omni”


A long love of mine, Minus The Bear, has a rare sound that brings together indie-rock, and cool electronic sounds. Omni has a bit of everything; up-beat (“Hold Me Down”), laid-back (“Dayglow Vista Drive”), and feel-good (“Summer Angel”) songs. Are you a fan of Young the Giant? Check out Minus the Bear here:



First Aid Kit “Stay Gold”


First Aid Kit is a folk-alternative sister-duo from Sweden. I don’t think that I’m ever going to get sick of their most recent album, Stay Gold. Every song on their album feels like bike riding to downtown Kingston and spending the day drinking iced tea and browsing the summer antique market in Market Square. To get a taste of their album, check out their single here:



Liam Finn “FOMO”


Liam Finn’s 2011 album FOMO combines Finn’s melodic voice with dreamy summer sounds that produce a relaxed, enticing album. Tracks Like “Cold Feet” and “Real Late” will make you want to kick back in the sun all day long. Considering that Finn is from New Zealand, his sound does not fail his origins. If you like Alt-J, Finn’s music may be a match for you; find out here:



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Lauren Luchenski, Entertainment Editor and Celina Fazio, Online Contributor

Images: Consequence of Sound, Pitchfork, Tumblr, Austin Town Hall, Wikipedia, Deli Radio

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