We wanted to give you a little taste of the MUSE X BROOKLYN: Flights & Bites event that happened this past Tuesday, November 3rd… but instead of hearing from us, we put it to our guests + MUSE team to tell you what they thought:

“As someone who is very outspoken about not liking beer (sorry, Dad), it was really cool getting a chance to actually be a little educated on what all the hype is. Or is it “hop”? Another thing I brought away from this experience is that beer drinkers are probably the friendliest people ever: each person was ready and excited to explain to me which beer they liked the most and why. Whether it was the dark ale mixed subtly with a wine base, or perhaps the very “hoppy” last option, everyone had a different pick, a different reason, but the same smile. I guess there really is but one true perfect pair: flights and bites.”


“Great atmosphere and even better drinks at the coolest bar in Kingston. I got to try five craft beers while surrounded by 200 people I didn’t know, but definitely could have been friends with. MUSE thought of everything, even down to the custom stamped napkins. Overall an awesome alternative to watered down PBR and a 2 AM pounair.”

“I was so impressed by both the Flights & Bites event itself and the amazing turnout of people attending the event. Every time I interacted with a Brooklyn employee or a member of the MUSE Magazine team, they were ready with a smile and an offer of food, beer, and an explanation of the event itself. In my four years as a Queen’s University student, I have never attended a craft beer tasting event, so this was my first experience. I hope that MUSE holds more events like this one — keep up the great creative work!”


“Ah, a MUSE filled evening at the Brooklyn. Really, any excuse to have a night out that does not involve the hub, polar bear shots, and eating yourself into a Smoke’s coma sounds good to me. And on top of that, we got to listen to chill music AND sample a platter of craft beer? Sign me up! The MUSE X BROOKLYN event last Tuesday was amazing. It’s not often that all the hipsters of Kingston congregate in one single room. Really, it was so great to be able to chat with like-minded people, over a nice cold beer. I’m counting down to the next one!”

“The Brooklyn is most definitely the prime beer spot in Kingston, but you didn’t need to be a beer fan to enjoy the night. MUSE filled the venue and gave us an event where we could simply relax with friends, hang out at the bar, and escape from the dreaded thoughts of our midterms. Listening to good music, and indulging in new found craft beers, was just the basis of what turned out to be a night to remember.”


“Being a Vancouverite, we have long embraced the idea of small batch breweries (Home to Granville Island Breweries!), and it was really fun to try out some local brews right here in Kingston. Having been to some world class craft beer events, like the Vancouver Craft Beer Festival, Flights & Bites was right up there with the best of them. Full size samplers, food, and a great turn out– it was definitely a world-class experience. Big thanks to everyone who came out to support MUSE, Milestones for giving us delicious food to munch on, and of course the Brooklyn for hosting such a fun Tuesday night!”

“The event was just a fun time, with friends coming together to try new things. It had a such a good vibe, and the Brooklyn provided the perfect atmosphere for an event like this.”


See you at the next one!

Yours Creatively,

Sophie Barkham, Online Editor

Excerpts from: Leandra Guillet, Layout, Harrison McNaughtan, Online Contributor, Tiffany Tang, Marketing, Music Editor, Matt Newediuk, Online Contributor, Natalie Kugler, Events Coordinator, Chelsea Sherman, Online Contributor

Photography: Leandra Guillet, Enoch Ncube, & Sophie Barkham

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