Whether you’re struggling through midterms and those last few readings, or waiting for the impending doom that are exams, we could all use a little pick me up to keep us feeling our best. And while a healthy lifestyle (getting lots of sleep, drinking water) may be the best solution to the growing purple bags and sallow skin tones we’ve developed through these winter months, let’s get real: that’s not happening for most students anytime soon.

In order to get you through your Week 12 slump, here’s some simple beauty looks that anyone can try — a bold lip, summer bronze, or smokey (Stages appropriate!) eyes.

Locked in the lib? Even Stauffer holds the promise of meeting a cutie, so put in ten percent more effort, and the latest Yik Yak about the hot girl in the cubicle could just be about you.


Yours Creatively,

Nicole Marie, Online Contributor

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