Exam time is never easy. That’s why MUSE is here to provide you with some great websites to keep you smiling during your permanent residency at the library. Keep sipping those extra large coffees and read on for the most productive ways for you to procrastinate online. And don’t worry; it doesn’t count if it’s productive… right?

1)   A Pair and A Spare


Though this website covers fashion and travel, it really shines in its DIY section. If you love crafts, or just need a break from textbook readings, look here for new projects. My personal favorite is their DIY chain camera strap- perfect for upcoming summer adventures.




2)   Etsy


Hide your wallets where you can’t find them, or prepare to spend all you have on this addictive website. With the tagline “shop directly from people around the world”, Etsy sells unique products in a marketplace setting that simply cannot be found inside of shopping malls. If you’re looking for the perfect “congratulations, you’re done exams!” gift for yourself, Etsy is the place to go.



3)   Happy Interior Blog


A design blog focused on creating a happy home, Happy Interior Blog offers a much-needed male perspective on interior design. The blog also provides other aesthetic, lifestyle, and travel tips for viewers. Most posts focus on different homes from around the world, and you’ll find yourself pinning almost every single one.



4)   Just My Type Magazine


Similar to the website Thought CatalogueJust My Type Mag is a compilation of various articles on anything from relationships to friendships to family dynamics. The articles also focus on personal issues, such as self-esteem, or tips on how to land your next job. Started by the editor as a way for human beings to support one another and share their own experiences, this website will always leave you with food for thought.



5)   One Big Photo


This gorgeous website is full of beautiful images to lose yourself in. With categories like “long exposure photography” and “landscape photography”, you’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of photos that have the potential to be your next computer background.



6)   Refinery29


The largest independent fashion and style website in the U.S., this site is one you will want to check daily. New content is constantly uploaded, covering news updates, pop culture, fashion inspiration, new recipes and music… what does Refinery29 not do? Just limit your visits to under an hour in length, and you should be fine for your exams.



7)   Sprouted Kitchen


Getting sick of all the Tim Horton’s you’ve had to eat while rushing off to the library? Live vicariously through this food blog, that’s so popular it has even inspired a published cookbook. Every recipe centers on healthy living and food in its “purest form”; you’ll find your mouth watering within seconds of scrolling.



8)   The EveryGirl


This website is a lot more woman than girl. Focused on helping girls achieve their goals,The EveryGirl site gives words of inspiration, mental and physical health guidance, budget friendly shopping sites and recipes, and other wellness tips. Packaged in a user friendly and bright exterior, this website truly is for everyone.



9)   Thrillist


If you are planning on travelling to one of the 21 destinations Thrillist covers (including Toronto and Montreal), or just want to look at delicious pictures of incredible food, embrace Thrillist. This website looks at the best, newest, and most original restaurants and bars in each of their locations, providing you with the down low on some pretty crazy food to try out- like hamburgers with taco buns and beers brewed with donuts!



10) This is Glamorous


One of the most aesthetically pleasing blogs I’ve personally ever laid eyes on, This is Glamorous is internationally acclaimed and known for its flawless design. The websites includes the categories “design and décor”, “arts and culture”, “how-to” and “city guides”, and can keep you entertained for days on end.




Yours Creatively,

Jaclyn Marcus, Incoming Editor-in-Chief









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