MUSE NEWS March 1, 2015


  1. Kanye Expresses Himself. Kanye had an interview with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe and spoke openly about many things, but shared a little less on other topics. Kanye expressed his passion for design and shed some tears when he talked about the passing of fashion icon Louise Wilson. Kanye opened up about how thankful he is for his privilege, his goal to make affordable clothing with Adidas, and even admits to being hypocritical. However, when Kanye’s new album was brought up he was a little less willing to share information, but he did tell us he has a new music video coming out, and has collabed with some of the hottest in the rap game. Check out all of Kanye’s feels here:


  1. Samira Wiley Wins Visibility Award. Actor Samira Wiley, known for acting on Orange is the New Black, was awarded the Visibility Award by the Human Rights Commission. Her speech was terrifically moving, and incredible. Being openly gay, she addressed how important she feels it is to simply live her life openly. She continued, saying that for some people this can be hard, but that our sexuality and gender identity should “be a mere footnote in our lives, rather than the definition of our existence”. You have to watch her powerful speech here, and now: !


  1. Donald Glover Makes Some Big Moves. Just after leaving NBC’s comedy Community in 2013, Donald Glover has said he is going to focus less on his comedian side and more on his rapping career. Glover is even considering ditching his rapping name Childish Gambino. He is making some big moves, starring in the horror film The Lazarus Effect and is even going to channel his inner stripper in Magic Mike XXL!


  1. America’s Next Top Model contestant found murdered. Mirjana Puhar, 19-years-old, was found shot dead in a drug related murder alongside her 23-year-old boyfriend and her 21-year-old friend in her North Carolina home. Tyra Banks has taken to Twitter to pay her respects to the victim and her family. “We are deeply saddened to learn of the tragic news about Mirjana Puhar. She was a vivacious and promising young woman,” Banks said. Puhar appeared on Cycle 21 of ANTM, showing tremendous talent and fire– may she rest in peace.


  1. Fendi announces a “haute fourrure” show in Paris during couture week. Having designed for Fendi since 1965, Karl Lagerfeld will now be hosting two couture shows in Paris. Fendi originally started out as a leather and fur atelier, so it is no surprise that they plan to expand to fur couture this year. Pietro Beccari, Fendi chairman and Chief Executive Officer, says, “Haute fourrure will set a differentiation between Fendi fur and the rest.” The collection will not be appearing in boutiques, but will travel the world from London to Hong Kong, their top buyers. Fendi furs range from 500.00 to 500,000.00 euros for coats made in rare furs.


  1. The Dress. I’m sure by now you’ve already been asked the question, “what colour is this dress?”, only to hear hundreds of opposing responses. Is it black and blue, or white and gold? Honestly, never has a dress made us question our perception of colour so much. The dress was designed by Roman Originals, and has been confirmed to be royal blue and black. Several celebrities have taken to Twitter to let out their feelings, our personal favourite being Chrissy Teigen, saying, “F*ck this dress it’s heinous.” Read the scientific explanation here:


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