Essays? Exams? Snow? Week twelve can be kind of, well, a bitch. Lucky for you, the final week of classes doesn’t have to be all bad- the holidays are coming early this year, with MUSE Magazine’s Issue IX launch!

To get you as excited as we all are, we’ve listed below some of the highlights you’ll find inside our latest issue’s pages.



Always wondered what your significant other thinks of your clothing? We’ve got one Queen’s couples’ view on each other’s apparel inside. Plus, editorials that feature pieces from Agent 99 and Heelboy, and some tips on how to get dressed in the morning, when you don’t want to be getting up at all.


The Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts. The Agnes Etherington Art Center’s exhibit: Inside Kingston Penitentiary by Geoffrey James. Take a look at our views on the incredible art Queen’s University has to offer, right on campus.


Learn about the Cellar Door Project, a not-for-profit, student created and run theatre

company that puts on site-specific productions. From here, flip through to read about one editor’s experience at the Queen’s University poetry slam (hint: it was awesome).


Food, food, and more food. Take a peak at our editorial, featuring treats from some of our favorite places to eat in Kingston. We’ve also got articles on how to become the perfect #instachef, and where to discover your next cozy study spot. Finally, we’ve got the perfect DIY gift guide for all your holiday needs.


Last but not least, turn to our newest section to indulge your inner travel bug, with one contributor’s photo diary. This section also holds an insider’s guide to natural beauty products, and an in-depth look at the beard-fetish that seems to be sweeping our campus.


Pick up your copy of MUSE Issue IX on Friday, November 28th outside of Stauffer Library. We can’t wait to see you!

Yours Creatively,

Jaclyn Marcus, Editor-in-Chief & the MUSE team

Graphics: Abi Connors

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