In the coming weeks Ontario is expected to receive a good blanket of snow, which means it’s now safe to say: “Winter is coming”. With this dismal inevitability we at MUSE are proud to share our 10 Men’s Essentials for this winter, having found the best from around the world. From Beer to Boots, Sweaters to Swedish Military Lip Balm, we’ve got you covered.

1.) J.Crew – Marled Lambswool Sweater

As temperatures are sure to drop in the very near future, J.Crew reminds us that this isn’t all bad news. Made from Marled (meaning a blend of differently hewed yarn) Lambs wool, this sweater is as far away you can get from your typical, itchy pullover.

CAD $79.50



2.) Bee’s Knees Spicy Honey

It’s safe to say this is the new Frank’s. Hand made in Brooklyn from a combination of raw honey and chilli peppers you can really put that sh*t on everything. Especially good on popcorn.

USD $14


3.) Tuborg Julebryg

Put out the honey fire with this this traditional Danish seasonal beer. Tuborg’s Julebryg translates directly to “Christmas Brew” and has been released every year around the holiday season since its invention in 1981. With gingerbread aromas, and an amber colour, this seasonal beer competes with even the best of microbreweries.

DEK 55 for 6 Cans


4.) Tsovet – Classic Collection

“Born and raised in California”, Tsovet strives to find out what makes a good watch tic (sorry). What they actually do is produce gorgeous, handmade timepieces that are both affordable and built to last a lifetime.

USD $225 – $425



5.) Floris of London – No.89 Aftershave

One huge mistake made by a lot of guys is not using aftershave. If you’re planning on starting now there exists no producer better than Floris. Soon to celebrate their 300th anniversary they are the official toiletry supplier to the British Royal Family, and have been worn by Marilyn Monroe, Churchill, and even Fleming’s Bond. The best part about investing in quality aftershave is that it lasts for years.



6.) Hudsalve

If Floris aftershave is a bit too ritzy for you, then there’s always Hudsalve. Made for the Swedish Military, this is the self-proclaimed “Swiss Army Knife of lip-balm”. On top of being great for dry lips it can be used for skin protection on your hands, arms and feet, as weapon grease, shoe shine, and even mosquito repellent. Some say it’s edible…

DEK 48



7.) Triple Aught Design – Fast Pack EDC

For the outdoorsy, Hudsalve types there is also the Fast Pack from Triple Aught Design. TAD –based out of San Francisco – has designed this customizable, all purpose, 31 Cubic Litre backpack for adventurers of all types. Handmade, and perfect for hiking, hunting, or any kind of exploration.

CAD $365



8.) Mark Mcnairy New Amsterdam – Trooper Boot

This f*** winter kind of boot is sure to keep you going no matter how icy the sidewalk is. Better yet, they’re handmade in England, and are built to last not just through the winter, but rather through the next twenty.

USD $495


9.) Fuji X100T

A successor to the masterpiece that is the X100S, the T brings back all the brilliance of its predecessor, introducing just a few key features to take it even nearer to perfection. It was designed to be the ultimate point and shoot for those interested in taking serious photos without hauling around a bulky SLR. With built in Wi-Fi, you can send or share your photos without the hassle of wires.

CAD $1300



10.) Paul & Friends – Cal Cable Beanie

To clarify, this is a toque, and NOT a beanie. More importantly, it is a toque designed in Sweden and handmade in Italy. Paul & Friends is yet another designer that is proving how awesome Sweden is at men’s fashion.

SEK 395




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Yours Creatively,

Nick Perry, Online Contributor

Photographs: from respective websites

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