Maggie is an online print publication that aims to redefine what it means to be “ladylike,”, through sharing stories of feminine power. Filled with poetry, photography, and journalism, this maggie-zine is the literary girl-gang we’ve all been searching for. 

The conception of Issue 03, “Mending,” began last fall, when life once again felt “truly wonderfully hopeful.”. Since the fall, there has been an endless amount of learning, reteaching, and rediscovering self to undergo in a time of loneliness and isolation. My personal favourite piece is the poem titled “Reassembly,” which sums up my pandemic experience better than I ever could! Issue 03 of Maggie is cathartic and calming yet energetic and colourful. Each page is overflowing with beautifully worded truths, confessions, and love letters to womanhood. This publication embraces femininity in a refreshing, inclusive, and supportive format. Each font, photo, and piece reconceptualizes the feminine, projecting the strong, authentic, and creative women within. Maggie’s goal is to create feminist arts and lit publications to create a community where people can engage in “…complex and curious discussions about how feminist issues impact everyone, uniquely yet unequivocally.” 

Since 2019, we have released three print zines, Maggie 01: Redefining Ladylike, Maggie 02: Evolving, and Maggie 03: Mending. Our zines have been stocked by Common People Shop, Neophyte, Likely General, Party Art Community, The Gifted Type, Pretty Fly Co., and more.  For each issue sold, a portion of the proceeds is donated to Shelter Movers, a national charity providing free moving and storage to survivors of abuse.

In addition to our annual zines, we published weekly online arts and lit content  from 2019 until early 2021. On Instagram, our FYI series provides digestible, educational pieces on various feminist issues, from misogynoir to societal terms such as “basic” and “not all men”. Our Elsewhere series shares what our team is currently into, whether that be recent podcasts or local small businesses.

Join the community @maggiezinee.

Despite dominating the literary arts for centuries and producing canonical works such as “Frankenstein,” Handmaid’s Tale,” and “Jane Eyre” – women are plagued by stigma, exclusion, and an overall lack of representation. The most painful part of this, for fellow lovers of writing, is you forget what it feels like to be understood and connect with the themes and positionality expressed in literature. Maggie is an exciting push against this phenomenon of outdated exclusion, boldly asserting that creative and talented women are most definitely here… and everywhere you look!

Issue 03 of Maggie is not to be missed, best enjoyed over an exam-sized Cogro Coffee or out enjoying the spring weather. Get your copy now by clicking here


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