Meet the Picnic Bitch

Meet the Picnic Bitch

It’s finally that time of year when the sun stays out for more than four hours a day. Personally, I’m tired of the dark, drab clothes I’ve been wearing for the past few months —I want patterns, colours, and fabrics that move with me while I frolic through a field of sunflowers.

In search of summer style inspiration, I watched a clothing haul by Ashley, on her Youtube channel bestdressed, where she held up a dress and described it as “classic picnic bitch.”

I finally found it —the collective term to use for the summer aesthetic I’m currently obsessed with. I’m talking gingham, polka dots, florals, bright colours —basically everything from Reformation —and ruffles. Before I’d discovered the Picnic Bitch, I’d been describing the aesthetic as the lovechild of 40’s/50’s patterns and colours, crossed with 70’s fabrics and 90’s silhouettes.

My style has always been feminine, so I love the flirty vibes of the Picnic Bitch aesthetic. Also, unlike a lot of trends, a picnic is timeless —the saying, “let’s have an old-fashioned picnic” has been around for decades, and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

Source: Sibel Demirci on Instagram

I also love that the style is centralized on North American culture. Most fashion outlets worship European style, and I’m tired of being told how to dress like a French girl. A picnic may not be as glamorous as a yacht in Monaco, but it’s the embodiment of summer for North Americans.

When you think of a picnic, you picture your local park, your closest friends, and your childhood. You hear the river nearby and the ice cream truck pulling up. There are wicker baskets, checker blankets, and someone always brings a Frisbee or an acoustic guitar. Everything’s familiar. I form outfits based on the situations where I’d wear them, and this wholesome scene is serving as my entire Pinterest board this summer.

So, how can you become a certified Picnic Bitch? Think of taking your grandma’s wardrobe, and chopping it up to show enough skin that you still look like a twenty-something.

Source: Ashley aka bestdressed on Instagram

The aesthetic involves delicate florals, small polka dots, gingham, and tiny summer fruit, like cherries or lemons. Solid pieces in bold colours, like strawberry red, lemon yellow, and sky blue will also make a similar impact —think about the colours you’d see at a picnic.

Dresses are a central theme for a Picnic Bitch, including both midi and mini lengths. Moreover, smock neck or milkmaid tops are the dominant silhouettes for both dresses and tops because they frame the collar bones and show just enough cleavage.

In terms of accessories, the bolder the better. Patterned scarves are versatile accessories —wear them as a headband, hair-tie, or necktie — and statement sunglasses are always a good idea. If you’re ready to be known as a Picnic Bitch, I encourage you to buy a straw handbag that resembles a picnic basket!

For shoes, low, block heels in bright colours play on the picnic vibe —but I’m biased because I wear my yellow mules with everything.

Can you visualize it yet? No? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I’m happy to share my Pinterest board for inspiration. Now, while others are living in the same old shorts and t-shirt uniform, you can join me in embracing your inner Picnic Bitch.

Header Image Source: Diane Villadsen

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