Think back to the beginning of summer. If you were like me, you were consumed with thoughts of being toned, tanned, fit and ready. Taking care of yourself during the summer helps you to love yourself and your body, but even though you’ve traded in the sandals for Stauffer, it is important to still make mindful choices. Now that we’re back for another year of reading, writing, and repeating, we have to remember that keeping a routine that made sure we were smiling in the sun will continue to keep us happy as the leaves start to change.

Even though things are about to get a little more hectic, you have to continue to appreciate everything your body does for you and love it like you would another person, fully and whole-heartedly taking care of yourself. This could mean catching the appropriate amount of post-frosh week z’s. It could also mean trying to eat with the intention of feeding your body nutrients, instead of drunkenly slobbering over a delicious Pounair, only to wake up and eat bedside leftovers.

Of course, taking breaks and indulging once and a while is never a bad thing. The key is not dwelling too much on the future or the past. If you skipped a workout yesterday, it doesn’t mean you can’t double up tomorrow. It also doesn’t mean that you should stop eating for the next couple days to ensure that your skipped workout will be made up. Treating your body like a well-oiled machine each and every day is the way to win the game of life. I know it’s cliché, but to help you on the path to self-love, you must make an effort to treat your body and mind like a temple. You wouldn’t throw trash into a temple, so why would you throw it into your body?

To truly embrace another year here at Queen’s, we must remember to love the people we are and make an effort not to neglect the person that we will become once the weather starts to decline. Loving yourself is one of the hardest things a person can do; it means going beyond the physical and completely accepting all the flaws and quirks that make you who you are. Even people that seem flawless have things about themselves they want to improve. In the end, we are all just working on becoming better, healthier and happier human beings.

Yours Creatively,

Nicole Richie, Online Contributor

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