February has long been associated with love. From pink and red lettering on your calendar to cheesy Rom-com’s, romance seems to be looming everywhere. Mostly because everyone’s favourite – or most dreaded – hallmark holiday falls conveniently right in the middle of the month, motivating us to go the extra mile for a special someone during what is otherwise a very cold and stressful month.

At MUSE, in celebration of V-Day, we wanted to acknowledge all aspects of college romance. Whether you’re single or happily cuffed, are a virgin or have gone through a slew of bad hookups, we want to assure you that we’re all in this mess together. We’re coining this week “Sexual Health and Relationship Week,” because we feel that whether or not you associate love with sex or vice versa, the two go hand in hand and we might as well all be safe and mature about it, ya feel?

If you have a last-minute story for us, drop us a line. If not, buckle up, because you Queen’s kids are certainly an exciting bunch and we have the stories to prove it.  Stay tuned for some enticing pieces, ranging from heart-wrenching to absolutely raunchy.


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