Let’s define a squad.

When the term comes to mind, there are two ways of defining the word. First, there are the people who think it means to be part of the same group of friends — the same club, the same cult, basically the same difference. Then, you have the people who understand the origin of the word. A squad is actually defined as a tight assembly of people performing a particular task. These people wonder why modern slang has appropriated this word to now represent a close group of friends.

People enjoy the sense of comradery you get from having such a tight-knit group of pals that can platonically love each other through the good times and even the bad. Your “squad” is the group of people who will make you go out that Friday night when you say you’re not feeling it, because they know you’ll have a good time. Yet, they also understand when sometimes you just want to stay home and Netflix and chill by yourself, or you know, with them. You breathe the same air, eat the same food, and enjoy the same things. At some point, you stop seeing them as separate entities, but rather as extensions of yourself. Despite this, there is one thought that pops into my head every so often: I think the idea of friendship changes as you grow older.

It was when I was taking a long ride back from a road trip with another friend of mine that I realized I hadn’t seen this person in the longest time, someone who I had considered one of my closest friends. When I reminisce about the group of friends we had back when we were younger, I remember thinking we were always going to be together. However, life happens. The changes can be incremental, so slow that you don’t even notice them. You realize people have their separate lives to live and their own dreams to chase, and you realize just how much that friendship is worth in their chase for their future. Just recognize one simple thing: in the end, you make time for the things and the people that matter.

So let’s reexamine the definition of a squad, because honestly, we’re not all working towards the same thing — but I think that is the beauty of it. We each have our own puzzles to figure out, and we know exactly who fits into our ever-changing picture no matter the time and place. You know that these individuals will always have your back, but understand that they also have to maintain their path, and so do you.

Yours Creatively,

Alexander Tran, Online Columnist

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