KMELY SHOP – Donut worry, be happy! (CLOSET CHRONICLES)

KMELY SHOP – Donut worry, be happy! (CLOSET CHRONICLES)

In a world of bagels, Kmely Shop is a one-of-a-kind, colourful, and super sweet donut.

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Having first encountered Kimberly and her confections at the fall distribution of MUSE magazine, I was impressed by the charming details she prioritized, adding personal drawings not only to her goodies, but to the bags they came in. Furthermore, she’d donated her donuts to MUSE for free in support of our launch (thanks Kimberly!). I then met the young entrepreneur at none other than the TEDx Queen’s U event. Kimberly was giving away free mini donuts in exchange for a follow of her Instagram page (talk about business goals). Impressed by her style and work ethic, I finally worked up the courage to talk to this inventive entrepreneur/baker/hardworking Queen’s student at the Kingston Collective’s pop-up market. Kimberly was nice enough to meet with up me to chat cute clothes and model some of her great garbs –while listening to some 2Pac, of course.

As a proponent of environmentally friendly clothing, and with a knack for reusing items, Kimberly’s closet isn’t bursting. But that doesn’t mean her closet’s lacking in quality – think, instead of having no idea what to wear every morning you love every piece and can’t wait to wear it all; even wearing a cute, comfy outfit two days in a row because why not? What’s more is that when minimalism and sustainability are added to the clothes conversation there are great benefits. Most of Kimberly’s pieces are second hand, cutting out most of the cost (meaning five pieces of clothing costs around $20 total). Moreover, buying second hand reduces landfill waste and continues the clothes’ story.

Kimberly is seen wearing her dad’s comfy jean jacket (currently on loan as her sister is also a big fan of the piece). The two wonderful windbreakers were among my favourite pieces in her closet. DSC04606 Eye-catching and unique, the cactus raincoat comes from itGirl Clothing (, while the Keith Haring print is from UNIQLO ( Kimberly’s bucket hat is another artful item. As a fan of reinvention, Kimberly plans to add a useful strap to the hat.[huge_it_gallery id=”9″] Finally Kimberly shows us a chic pin, inspiring board game vibes, and perhaps a great identifier to put on her jean jacket. DSC04626

Overall a wonderful, sunny afternoon spent with even brighter company; Kimberly is a super humble creative with a promising future ahead of her. She’ll be wearing outfits from her sustainable, minimalistic, and creative wardrobe while running a local vegan company, the ultimate caring, and environmentally conscious human. Taking a page from Kimberly’s book (or her Instagram captions), “Sometimes we get immersed in the chaos around us but always remember the people who love & support you”. I hope you’re inspired by Kimberly’s style and are left with a similar hunger to achieve your goals — and for donuts!

Check out Kimberly’s donuts online ( and her Instagram @kmelyshop.

Online Reviewer, Caitlyn McTavish

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