Something Else Records is a hidden gem of Kingston. Tucked behind the hustle and bustle of Princess St, the little record shop is just off to the side, clustered alongside other stores at 207A Wellington St. Upon entering you’ll hear chimes from the door and see a warm cozy couch as well as an endless supply of records, neatly organized in richly coloured and distinctive purple bins. Whether you’re looking for something more mainstream or a little edgier, Something Else Records has got you covered – the store prides itself on containing a wide variety filled with niche artists and records. Congruent with the cozy atmosphere of the store is the fact that it is owned by a married couple, Matt and Tanya. 

Matt and Tanya decided to open up shop in Kingston a little over a year ago, having worked in the music and literary world for fifteen years prior, primarily in Toronto and Ottawa. The essence of Something Else Records is most poignantly encapsulated in Matt’s mantra, “I’ve always really loved to share and spread good art”. This mission is apparent not only in their wide and carefully selected products, but also in the diverse range of customers the store receives. Upon hearing about the store I expected (albeit somewhat naively) for the customers to be mainly students who are part of the vinyl resurgence that has occurred in the last decade, however, audiophiles of all genders, ages, and music preferences frequent the store. 

Perhaps what really makes Something Else Records so attractive though is their commitment to the Kingston arts community, demonstrating Something Else Record’s ethos to spread good art. The shop holds in-store concerts featuring local bands and artists, growing the Kingston music community and crafting an unique experience from both performers and music lovers alike. Music is the perfect tether to a community because it is so unique and human, and has the power to create social bonds among unlikely people. Something Else Records helps strengthen and grow these bonds, and is a truly unique experience in downtown Kingston. 

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