Only one month into school, I can officially say I am already over the homework, the boiling hot lecture halls, and, most importantly, the whole cooking for myself thing. Luckily enough, we have a great Farmer’s Market here in Kingston that offers a breath of fresh air and slows down the pace of students’ high-stress lifestyles.


The Kingston Public Market takes over Springer Market Square behind City Hall every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from April to November.

I had heard about the market every week and, looking for something new to do, I decided to take a peek. Knowing that it is one of Ontario’s oldest running markets, I felt like I was walking through both a piece of history and a well-loved tradition.


Since it was a Thursday, the market was quiet and practically empty, except for the delicious smells that filled the air. Living in a house where the fire alarm has gone off while cooking eleven times since Frosh Week (yes, we have a tally), this was definitely a treat for my nose.

The market vendors were all very friendly, and happy to talk about their products. None of them seemed to care, or even notice, that we were students. A couple of them even offered free samples to showcase their new and favourite foods, which is something I can never resist. My two favourite F words- “free” and “food”.


After wandering around for half an hour and almost buying all of the baked goods, I was ready to go. I ended up leaving with the best smelling strawberries I have ever smelled for $5.50, a big box of fresh green beans for only $3, a warm vegetarian patty for $2, and some hand cut flowers for $5. The Metro on Princess Street has nothing on that!

The Farmer’s Market is a definite “must see” for its affordability, quality, and local atmosphere. Taking place three times a week and only a quick 12-minute walk from the student ghetto, there’s room for it in even the most packed of schedules.


I do warn you though, beware for the double W’s: your wallet and waistline. The cheap prices and yummy smells will turn you into a Rebecca Bloomwood type shopaholic and empty your bank account faster than tuition due day.

Yours Creatively,

Shanelle , Online Contributor

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