Joe Fresh #FreshStyle Challenge

Joe Fresh #FreshStyle Challenge

We’re really happy to share some exciting news with you!

Joe Fresh and Campus Perks recently hosted the #FreshStyle Challenge and one of our MUSE Business Directors, Melissa Huang, was chosen to be one of the Top 10 finalists! There are no words to describe how excited we are for her!

Each contestant was given a Joe Fresh gift card to purchase a couple of pieces to style in their own way. The winner will win $1000 that will go towards a fashion show or other cultural event. In Melissa’s case, the money will go towards securing our upcoming prints for Muse Magazine.

So all we need is your support! It would be amazing if you all could just click on the link and vote for Mel’s style!

If you’re also interested, you can view all the other entries for the Joe Fresh #FreshStyle Contest here too!

Yours Creatively,

Muse Magazine

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