Here at MUSE Magazine, we’re always looking for a way to showcase our passion for all things creative, and what better way to do that than speaking up and speaking out. We’re ready to speak up about what drives us, what motivates us, what makes us laugh, and what makes us think. To speak about what confuses us, what stresses us out, and what we just plain despise. As well, we want to hear your thoughts and opinions. We want to hear all about your experiences and listen to your unique impressions and perspectives. This sense of community and communication that we hope to foster in the pages of our publication is why we’re proud to present to you Issue VIII: Speak MUSE. So before you delve into the pages of the magazine, here are a few reasons to get “speaking” about our crisp new issue…

Exclusive Editorials: Speaking out doesn’t always have to be expressed in writing. In fact, if a picture is really worth a thousand words, visuals can be even more provocative. This issue, MUSE will be bringing you more original photography and image-based stories than ever before.

Subversive Style: You’ll read about denim that dares to be revolutionary, androgynous apparel, and some of our first men’s fashion features. As well, you’ll be introduced to some creative endeavours and artistic mediums that you might not have thought of before. We’re breaking out of our aesthetic mold and encouraging you to do the same.

Unveiling the Undergrad: First and foremost, MUSE is all about you, the student, and we’ve collected and curated several articles that we think reflect our own experiences in figuring out who we are and what we want out of life.

Are you excited yet? Be sure to come by and pick up a copy of MUSE Issue VIII on Thursday March 27, 2014. We’ll be there waiting and ready to speak with you. It’s free and always will be, so what are you waiting for?

Yours Creatively,

Emma Hoffman, Editor-in-Chief + the MUSE Team

Image: Photography by Patrick RoDee – MUSE Magazine Issue VIII

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