Instagram has such a duality to it. Follow the wrong accounts or let yourself get too sucked in and you can end up wasting hours on the app, losing touch with reality and obsessing over “likes.” On the other hand, it can also serve as an incredible platform for creativity, inspiration, art….and memes (here’s looking at you, @thefatjewish.)

Social media often gets a bad reputation, but we’d like to remind people of that good side that also exists along with the bad. Instagram’s original purpose most likely wasn’t to inspire FOMO or help people develop self-esteem issues; it was to showcase the vast world of creativity, talent, and all around weirdness that’s out there, helping people connect through it. It’s very much an app that changes depending on what you bring to it. Following this stream of thought, we decided to showcase some of the MUSE exec’s favourite accounts. We hope they inspire you, make you laugh, or at least get you thinking.

Calista Kim, Layout Team


Incredibly freaky (sexual) art that will either completely alienate you or enthrall you. Either way, check it out, this account keeps my feed lit.

Original founder of the “kawaiiluxe” movement (read: cute luxury), think baby pastels meets mermaid cartoons meets candy strippers and that more or less sums up her vibe. I’ve been following Bei for a couple years now and her hyper-charged sweet sass never fails to inspire. I also think people like her are phenomenal for the modern feminist movement, showing that you can be ultra feminine and a boss at the same time.

…Okay there’s a recurring theme here and tbh I’m just really into weird art.

Amy Yu, Creative Director


Her account is not just a collection of beautiful photographs, it’s a storybook of her everyday life. She fills the feed with her daily explorations with her friends. She pairs photographs with poetry about her inner and deepest thoughts. She manages to create intimate connections with all of her followers.

This account is a portfolio capturing some of the most extraordinary perspectives of the city. He’s got a talent for chasing light, as well as uncovering the hidden gems of Toronto. On top of it all, he has one of the strongest collections of dreamy portraits I’ve ever seen!

An inspiring feed promoting the importance of fitness and health—what I find extremely unique about her account is that you can see her growth since her first post. She’s actually a high school friend of mine and her journey to living the healthy and happy life is really incredible.

Michael Kirreh, Creative Assistant


If you need a good laugh and an Instagram account to endlessly scroll through when you’re in boring social situations or just chilling at home, @daquan is your man.

Other than the fact that misterbiscuit15 is my dream pet, it is probably the cutest cat on Instagram. Mister Biscuit is a beautiful Persian with an expression that says, “Fuck off or I’ll pee in your bed.” He’s the perfect mix of adorable and threatening.

It’s refreshing to see photos that are interesting and don’t necessarily make sense, because sometimes the world is too serious. This account is the perfect mix of fashion and art.

Enoch Ncube, Creative Director


I picked these dudes just because I like them all for the same reasons. They’re really amazing graphic artists who I love having on my feed for day-to-day inspiration. In fact, @henocksileshi was one of the graphic artists that inspired me to play with my own personal style which lead to where I’m at now artistically.

Cary Fagan is an awesome photographer. It’s really easy as a film photographer in the 21st century to fall into the trap of only capturing the nostalgia of film, and I think Cary circumvents this. His stuff is hazy, but it’s got a dissonance that I can’t stop looking at and trying to figure out. I like his Instagram because it’s a sampler into his work.

I’m a huge Tyler the Creator fan, and peeping his Instagram is constant inspiration for myself. It’s cool seeing how he went from being broke and sad to having some money and doing cool creative things with it. It also helps that he’s a funny dude, but I’m actually 10 years old so I guess that’s up for debate.

Sophie Barkham, Head Photographer


Run by @thewillielove, this account has quickly become one of my favourite instas. We The Urban is the perfect dose of modern art, celebrity culture, and weird shit.

Once a photographer for American Apparel, David Gomez brings a natural sexiness and moody gal boredom to all of his work. A little weird and a whole lotta angst, his illustrations are on point.

I love following brands that promote healthy body goals. Not only does Mary Young do this, but she also makes some of the most natural, alluring, and kickass lingerie. Made in Canada!

Annie Robinson, Fashion Editor


If you’re a glitterati looking for a little dose of unicorn mania, @studiomucci is for you! This feed is a rainbow of cotton candy, pretty interior design ideas, fashion inspiration, and flamboyant girly glamour.

Looking for an account to fuel your wanderlust? Carin Olsson’s fancy French feed documents her life in Paris (squeal!). Complete with the most beautiful city shots you’ve ever seen and fashion and foodie posts that will have your thumbs locked on that heart eye emoji, this is the ultimate account for anyone who’s ever wanted to live in Europe.

A smile will be brought to your face every time you see a pretty pastel post from @randomactsofpastel. Feminine and chic, this account stays true to its namesake by sprinkling followers’ feeds with random acts of pastel sure to warrant #happyfever.

Katie Glover, First Year Representative


This visually stunning account features some of the most beautiful floors from all around the world. The simple yet charming concept adds a little colour and character to your feed. A must-have for late night scrolls through Instagram.

This account is just a snapshot of Vanessa Hong’s inventive and edgy style blog. The former model incorporates a minimalist black and white theme, and her look inspires trendy insight on everyday life, travel, and fashion.

This so-called “groupie of the sea” takes exquisite photos of different ocean views around the world. A combination of photographs and videos provide the perfect break from reality, providing us with a dream vacation without having to leave the comfort of home.

Abi Conners, Editor-in-Chief


This is a street style account, but not. Maja’s looks are unbelievably cool and disheveled (her pants are always just the right amount of long and baggy at the ankles), but she also mixes things up with art and photography posts. For every street style post, there are five posts entirely unrelated to fashion. Maja is also very mysterious – I can’t find much about her on the Internet, other than her website (which still doesn’t give me any information about her). Like I said: she’s the anti-street-style street style star.

Nakid is always weird, and always fun to look at— definitely one of my go-to’s. It’s a good place to get inspired, but also a good place to remind you to not take shit too seriously. Plus, they post in bursts of 10 photos at a time, which I oddly admire and look forward to.

Food and fashion illustration’s love child is Gretchen Roehrs. I appreciate this account for how insanely creative and unique it is. It’s one of those accounts that makes you really fall in love with Instagram for all of the talent and artistry it has to offer.

Sanam Yar, Online Director


Dallas Clayton is an illustrator who writes books for kids, and his account is hands-down my favourite one on Instagram. It is an endless feed of colourful positivity, filled with his adorable drawings and uplifting or moving messages. If you’re in need of inspiration, check out his account.

It took me an embarrassing amount of time to realize that Gray Malin was not the name of a pretentious collective of artists, but rather the name of the fine-art photographer who runs this account. Regardless, this vacation-themed account is dreamy, bright, and gorgeous. It’s the perfect escape when you’re stuck at Stauff, dreading your grey surroundings.

Scroll through this quirky account and you’ll find everything from the Mona Lisa painted out of coffee, to an entire cast of Studio Ghibli characters scribbled on a napkin. The incredible thing about this guy’s work is how he casually creates his masterpieces while grabbing his morning coffee. Coffee and art, what more could you ask for?

Yours Creatively,
Sanam Yar, Online Director

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