Insta Loves

Insta Loves

Instagram. The concept is simple enough. Take a picture, post it, and your friends will like it. But, for everyone who has ever attempted to post to Instagram, they know that the name means much more than just that. Instagram means getting the right angle, the perfect filter, the witty caption. It means waking up at 5am to capture that 5-minute sunrise. It means posting at 7pm because you know those are Instagram peak hours. Instagram has changed the way we take the beloved “selfie”, and has made all restaurant meals “insta-worthy”.

The Instagram process is complicated, and those who have managed to perfect it deserve all the love they can get. Bellow are some Queen’s students who have done just that. Check them out, and don’t forget to toss in a like or follow because whether we’ll admit it or not, we all know how important that is.



Name: Maya Wohlfahrt

Year: 2nd

Program: English Language and Literature

“Most of the pictures on my Instagram page are taken by whoever I happen to be with that day, so it’s mostly street style. I love sharing street style photos and I especially love the eye roll from my housemates when I ask them to take another picture in the middle of the campus.”




Name: Amanda Katz

Year: 2nd

Program: Biology

“All my friends know that not a single bite is taken before a photo is snapped from the perfect angle, whether their food remains warm or not.”




Name: Kristen D’Angelo

Year: 4th

Program: Art History

“I started this account as a way to document my life. I am interested in pure compositional pieces of architecture, or skyskapes that express how I view the world through my cellular device.”




Name: Amy Yu

Year: 1st

Program: Science

“I once fell while standing on top of a chair in a restaurant trying to get the best angle. But hey, I got the shot! Don’t be afraid to go to far extents to get the perfect capture.”




Name: Haoran Liang

Year: 1st

Program: Commerce

“Traveling alone, I went to many different cities, talked to many different people, saw the world and learned by seeing it. I am building up my stories and Instagram tells my stories.”




Name: Kerenza Yuen

Year: 2nd

Program: English—Con-Ed

“I am inspired by life’s lights: the sun, the people, the places, and the feelings that tingle my face.”




Name: Rain Saulnier

Year: 3rd

Program: Civil Engineering

“The sunset over the structure was walking home on a Friday, the flag photo was taken before storming the field at homecoming. There are no real stories behind my photos, I just take good photos when I see the chance.”




Name: Larissa Young

Year: 3rd
Program: Art History, Media minor

“I have a lot of monochromatic basics in my closet and usually wear variations of the same outfit. I like to be comfortable and wear my ripped jeans and Nikes on the daily.”




What would a list on the neat Instagrams on campus be without our beloved Muse? From instas to pump you up for our rad events to funny shots to help you through exam season, we’ve got you covered!



Yours Creatively,

Shanelle Furtardo, Online Contributor

Images: From credited Instagrams, with permission

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