My Pinterest boards have always been filled with room design inspiration. The thought of getting to decorate my own place thrilled me. Moving into my university home gave me the first space that was entirely my own, an indication that I was entering a new phase in life. One to freely and independently figure out exactly who I was and what I enjoyed, without succumbing to the comfort of influences I had grown up with.

My Pinterest boards before first year could be found littered with countless images of crisp white sheets, amidst a space that resembled a jungle more than a room. That was the aesthetic I aimed to channel. Minimalism, with as little colour as possible and as many plants as could be crammed into a student sized room. I got all the staples- a grid board, completely plain sheets, and as many succulents as I could manage- to create my own version of this aesthetic in my student home.

As I prepare to graduate and move on to yet another new phase in my life, my Pinterest boards are once again beginning to fill with inspiration for my next space. When we grow and evolve, so do our senses of style. I have gotten to a point where, rather than grasping on to every passing trend, I want my style to emulate my spirit. In truth, I am not really a minimalistic person. I love things that are loud, bold, and a little over the top. When I discovered this style of interior design, I knew it reflected the person I have become within the past few years. My university experience helped me grow into someone who no longer feels the need to dull myself down out of fear of what others will think. I am more sure of who I am every day, and expressing that through my style only builds upon this comfort.

Although it is difficult to pin an exact name to this interior style, it can be described as postmodernism infused with a Scandinavian touch of functional design. No space is complete without quirky accents that brighten up what would be otherwise ordinary pieces of furniture. The colourful, out-there details that take this interior to a level beyond minimalism are what make it stand out. Playful in a subtle way, this style is youthful and fun while still being timeless and chic. Filled with colours, yet muted by their pastel tones, it brings joy and life into every space without being overwhelming. From curvy mirrors to foam side tables, the sky’s the limit when it comes to deciding how to elevate something from mundane to striking. Let’s be real, though- $1,100 mirrors, like this infamous pistachio green Gustaf Westman one, are not exactly the most feasible on a student budget. Luckily, these types of pieces can be easy to recreate on your own as well. There are tutorials for DIY spray foam furniture all over Tik Tok and YouTube, making it easier than ever to mimic designer looks on a student budget.


Getting to create your own space is like being a kid in a candy store. The amount of choice you have is endless, from shapes to colours to textures. My favourite aspect of this style is the fact that there are no rules relegating how daring you can be. You are free to fill your room with candy-like tones and surfaces, and it can be refreshing to come home to that after spending time in a world where restrictions on creativity sometimes seem endless. Shaping your space into one that is representative of who you are is so much more important than people may realize. It is a place where many people generally spend a large portion of their time, and investing a little bit of effort into making it somewhere you adore can make all the difference in your mood.