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People are like books.

I mean that’s how it seems to me. You walk down the street and you see so many covers. You read the surface and nothing else and allow them to pass you by, never fully appreciating them. You may look back and remember the title they carried, but you never stopped to read through their story.

Everyone has a story, no matter how dull they seem. How they got from point A to point B— it takes time to listen. In a society where nothing is ever still, it is hard to take the time to open a book and just sit and enjoy it. Humans are the same, it’s strange. You can literally go through many years of your life living in one place and not know the people who live right beside you. Everyone just looks at the cover.

If you enjoy the decoration of a book, you may open and enter its world for a moment, but how long do you really stay immersed? You can disengage and toss it away as if it were nothing. We are replaceable. It makes me wonder— how often are we opened?

How many people spend the time to read through our pages, absorb our stories, and accept us after they finish? Do people spend the time to get to know you, or do they just read your cover, your bland stereotype that has no real relevance to your true self? Take the time to see through the decorations and hear the real story, because most people never see anything at all.

Yours Creatively,

Alex Tran, Online Columnist

Image: Stefania Pascucci

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