Matt Hartwick, a colourful Kingston music reviewer, headed to Mansion last week and got some great details for us. Matt explains,  “Ill Scarlett played to a packed house at the Mansion on Wednesday night. This was probably one of the loudest shows that I have been to at the Mansion, especially when Ill Scarlett took to the stage. I left just before they started their third encore song, and I could still hear Ill Scarlett from the beer store parking lot…”

Matt continues, “To finish off the night- and someway still within the timeframe set out for each band- Ill Scarlett took to the stage. Now, with the Mansion pretty much sold out, they played songs ranging from their beginnings to their latest release the 2012 EP. People seemed pretty stoked that they were playing almost every song off of the new EP. Just as fast as Indian Handcrafts took control of the audience, Ill Scarlett already had control before they even took to the stage. But you could easily pick out the hardcore fans as they were jam packed at the front of the stage and singing to every song almost lyric to lyric.”

Yours Creatively,

Matt Hartwick

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