Stage Rage not your thing? The thought of going out on a Tuesday make you shake in your cowboy boots? You’re not alone! Here is a list of a few fun things to do in K-Town if you don’t like clubbing.

Visit the newly-opened Barcadia! It’s exactly what it sounds like— a bar full of arcade games. Free admission and endless entertainment for a quarter apiece! Why spend the night grinding when you can show the world just how kiss-ass you are at Pacman?

Once you’ve triumphed over Bowser and saved the world from an alien invasion, I would suggest heading just a block or so down the street to check out Parfait. It’s a Menchie’s-style frozen yogurt shop, but with homemade Greek yogurt. There is also a vegan friendly flavour!

The Screening Room
This independently-owned theatre located on Princess Street is a great place for a relaxing evening. This small theatre has great films and changes up its showings regularly. Currently playing are Queen of Katwe and Denial, with thrillers The Girl on the Train and The Accountant coming up over the weekend. Once my friend and I were the youngest people in the audience by about 30 years, but hey, nothing tastes better than movie popcorn.

Board Games at the Alibi
So, Kingston doesn’t have its own Snakes and Lattes, the famed board game café— but no worries. Tucked away in a little corner in the Alibi is a nice selection of board games. Grab a pal or two for some friendly competition. Will Trivial Pursuit bring you shame or glory? In my case, who knew Wayne Gretzky played for the Edmonton Oilers?

Live Music at the Mansion
Located at Princess and University, the Mansion is one of Kingston’s most loved pub/restaurant hangouts. On the top floor, there are often performances by live bands! It’s a great way to sit back and relax with friends while jamming to some of our very own Kingston talent. Keep an eye on their Facebook page to see what bands are coming up.

Escape Rooms
You may be surprised, but Improbable Escapes has an escape room available right in our downtown core (between Princess and Queen). While a more expensive option at $25 per person (but probably still cheaper than alcohol), this can make for a great special events night for those of us less inclined to celebrate with a keg stand. Right now, there’s a challenge going on called “Love Letter Lockdown” in which you’ve slipped a note in your crush’s locker and, instantly regretting it, must break out of detention to retrieve the letter before it is read. I have never actually been here, but I have heard positive reviews from friends and “Love Letter Lockdown” sounds like a laugh to me.

Geneva Crêpes
Does a Deep Dutch Brownie Sundae crêpe or a cup of Nutella hot chocolate sound good to you? Satisfy your sweet tooth and treat yourself for making it through the semester with a mouth-watering dessert. Geneva Crêpes is open until 11 PM on weekends and is an excellent place for relaxing with friends and indulging in a variety of delicious treats.

So, there you go, just a few words of advice from a fellow middle-ager trapped in the body of a young adult.

Raquel Simpson
Online Contributor

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