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What? You can do formals for less?

Formal season is an amazing time of the year where you can ~finally~ have the opportunity to have your glo’ up moment. What makes your night even better is that you know you can steal an Insta-perfect moment to update your feed looking bomb AF. But we feel the pain that comes with that- it actually hurts to spend a ton on that amazing look for that picture-perfect night (is there a somewhere?) Well, save your money for something bigger (and avocados at brunch) because here are some tips you can follow this season:

All images courtesy of LGU
  1. Do your hair at home to save money

    We did your research, and getting your hair done costs upwards from $50 downtown. Save the trip, and sleep in with a sock bun:


  1. Do your own makeup

    Getting your make-up done for the night can cost the same as a set of make-up that you don’t have yet. If you might need more shades for your special night, reach out to your girls, or even makeup artists on campus just looking to earn an extra buck!


  1. Borrow, borrow, borrow

    Reach into the back of your friend’s, housemate’s or just anything outside of anything with a .com for your look. Formal dresses can retail for upwards from $200, and it’s just not cool to dip into your grocery budget (we know the struggle) for a dress you’ll wear once.
    If that’s not your thing, reach out to @LetsGetUndressed on campus to reach out to other Baddies’ goods.
    Support your local girl gang, check out our inventory here:

4. Have an amazing time (guilt-free, of course!)

Whether you’re in the middle of the dancefloor or just chillin’ out on the side taking in the scene, you’re all decked out and ready to have an amazing night!

You’re welcome.

Borrow your outfits from us!

We’re at SparQ Studios at Carruthers’ hall.

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