So you’re headed somewhere fancy and you need to dress to impress. It might be a high tea, casino night, or a Janelle Monáe concert—whatever the reason, you’ve decided the only item appropriate for the occasion is: the bow tie.

The only problem is that you have no idea how to tie the damn thing.
Don’t worry, slick, we’re here to help.


Step 1.
Rest the tie around your neck with one end hanging 1-2 inches lower than the other (hereafter referred to as the long end).

Step 2. Cross the long end over the short end, and then pull it up through the loop. I like to tighten the loop afterward, to make sure you use the narrowest part of the tie to achieve a small, clean knot.


Step 3. Take the short end and fold it in half at the widest point, forming a bow shape. Pinch it together with your thumb and forefinger.


Step 4. Pull the long end down across the front of the short end. Pinch it in place.


Step 5. Bring the long end under and behind the short end. Pull the widest part of the long end through the loop behind the short end while holding everything in place. (Don’t worry if this takes a couple of tries—it’s tricky!)


Step 6. Adjust the size of the bow and tightness of the knot by tugging on opposite ends of the bow.


And that’s all there is to it! Enjoy your brand new skill and rock your bow tie, knowing that you will always be the best-dressed person in the room.


Yours Creatively,

Jesse Gazic, Online Contributor

Photography: Akhil Dua

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