It’s that time of year again! Queen’s students, past and present, come together this weekend to celebrate the rich history and accomplishments of our great school. Homecoming is not only the biggest party of the school year, but it is undoubtedly the most anticipated. Thousands of students and alumni will gather at Richardson Stadium to cheer on our Gaels and celebrate everything that makes this school so incredible.

What makes HOCO so awesome is that it brings together all the diverse groups of people who currently go and once went here. So, whether you are a Fine Arts major or a Chemical Engineering student, for one weekend, everyone has one common interest: to have fun and celebrate our school.

While current students often look forward to HOCO as a three-day never-ending party, for alumni, it is also a time to reminisce about the good times they once had during their time at Queen’s. With this in mind, I bring you a playlist that perfectly muses together the party vibes and the nostalgia that makes HOCO what it is. Whether you’re getting ready to go out and hit the town with all your friends or you want to sit back with old ones, this playlist is for you. What better way to get into the HOCO spirit than listening to some awesome tunes and get ready for the wild weekend ahead? Have fun and enjoy!

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