After eight fun months of coffee-drinking, bagel-eating, pier-jumping, and stage-raging, Queen’s students have parted ways for the summer. Some may find themselves at an office job in the city, learning at their dream internship, while others travel abroad. Yet there is still a large portion of students who plan on returning to summer camp, often referred to as a “second home.” Being a counsellor myself, in the months leading up to pre-camp, I often find myself surfing the web for exciting summer “inspo” (not just for myself, but for the campers too… obviously). Something that’s always helped me in the past is preparing a bomb summer playlist. This can come in handy when you’re moving from activity to activity with campers, just hanging out in the cabin, enjoying a chill paddle on the lake, or even spending the afternoon on a mini hike. Whatever the situation may be, a little background music never hurt anybody (but we do keep it PG, since you know…it is summer camp). That being said, clean music made in this century isn’t always the easiest thing to come by, and from what I can tell, a Queen’s student’s music library isn’t exactly stacked with kid-friendly songs. Since this is a personal struggle of mine, I wanted to help out those who are returning to camp for Summer 2019 too! I hope you enjoy and remember to keep on camping, because no matter what anyone says it is a real job.


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