Graphic Tees + Sneaker Wedges

Graphic Tees + Sneaker Wedges

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Never has there been a more harmonious marriage than a graphic tee with a pair of sneaker wedges. I realize that this is a bold proclamation, but I’m sticking with it. I used to always overlook graphic t-shirts—they were never my thing. I hadn’t bought one until I laid eyes on this soft cotton number. I was just scrolling through my Revolve Clothing app (hint, hint), when I saw this Local Celebrity graphic tee. I was immediately sold. To be completely honest, I’m the kind of dresser that plans and creates outfits in my head weeks in advance. I don’t shop haphazardly. If I see something and can envision what to wear with it, I’m in. And that’s exactly what happened here.


As for my feet, these sneaker wedges from Urban Outfitters have become my choice footwear. No matter the season, these are my go-to; they always work with whatever I’m trying. Don’t get me wrong; I love adding a couple inches to my height, but I don’t always want to be that girl in five inch heels (I will, however, be that girl when I purchase my first pair of Louboutins. I will be that girl every fucking day).

This red Top Shop skirt happened to mesh with these must-haves effortlessly. However, as the temperature drops, a skinny jean will substitute just fine. I have added a few more graphic tees to my wardrobe and I plan on finding every possible combination of graphic tees and sneaker wedges before I wear the soles off these bad boys.

Moral of the story: these two pieces are killing it in the ghetto.

Yours creatively,

Emilie Nolan, Head Photographer + MUSE The Look blogger

Images: Bea Cannings/ Emilie Nolan

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