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BY CASSANDRA LITTLEWOOD                       


In a world where bad news seems way too frequent and good news doesn’t seem to come as often as we need it, it is important to highlight the good news that is happening in Canada and around the world. Unfortunately, many good news articles are getting overshadowed by bad news (which, by the way, while important to be informed on, can also be overwhelming.) Linked below is a couple places to find good news to warm your heart. Only positive headlines here.


Huff Post Canada

If you’re looking for good news that is Canada-specific, then the Huff Post’s marked off section for good news is the best place for you! Headlines from B.C. to Nova Scotia will show you that Canadians are doing great things across the country.


The Telegraph

The Telegraph’s mission statement for their “A bit of good news” page is all about “improving your mood—and your life.” Scrolling down their page and only seeing positive headlines is a refreshing feeling.


Good News Network

The title of this news outlet says it all. GNN has been reporting good news since 1997, making them a staple in good news. Their news is not limited to region, making them the best resource for good news worldwide.


Tank Sinatra (@tanksgoodnews)

While not an official news service, this is a great source if you want good news blended in with your daily Instagram scrolls. Sinatra’s Instagram account not only highlights good news but also provides good reminders. One great example of this is when he reminded his followers of Betty White’s birthday, which in general, reminded us that Betty White is a living, breathing beautiful person on this planet (bless you Betty White).



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