Have you become too comfortable with the lockdown lifestyle, feeling unmotivated and unable to get out of bed in the morning? Does a simple trip to the gas station seem like an exhaustive chore? Have you forgotten how to interact with the grocery sales clerk? Well look no further, you’re in luck! With the “Go Get ‘Em Tiger” 2020 model, you’ll be ready to return to “normalcy” in no time. Equipped with nothing but the best catalyst classics, “Go Get ‘Em Tiger” is proud to soundtrack your phase three of re-opening, easing customers back into their busier lifestyles. We at G-GET know that it can be hard to feel comfortable, let alone motivated, returning to normalcy – especially after coming to terms with the solitude that lockdown has ensued. Not only is it completely normal to feel overwhelmed returning to “real life”, but it’s also a whole lot more common than you might think.


Still not convinced that “Go Get ‘Em Tiger” is the missing motivation you need? Here’s what our customers have to say about their satisfaction with G-GET…


“Flashback to the last full week of March – essentially my last normal week for the foreseeable future – I was busy as an intern at a ‘real life job’,  waking up grinding at the nine-five and then kicking it with friends at the rock climbing gym. Life was good. Ever so quickly, just like for the rest of the world, my life was turned upside down. The pandemic forced my lab to shut down and all of a sudden I was back home in my childhood bedroom struggling to keep up with work. On top of that, I discovered that my now ex-boyfriend was cheating on me while he was away at school. I was heartbroken, confused and angry at the world. The first couple months of quarantine were tough on me. Like most people, after a breakup you want to be with your friends and essentially just try to forget the heartache that has been forced upon you. Needless to say, my healing process consisted of long walks with my dog and impromptu ice cream dates with my mother. Looking back, I am incredibly grateful to have gone through my first heartbreak with the support of my family. This time has allowed me to focus on myself and put into light the goals I am looking to achieve in the future. Keeping on brand, I also channeled my inner bad bitch energy to aid in my healing process – songs like ‘hot girl bummer’ and ‘do re mi’ by blackbear were always on rotation. In the morning, when trying to keep focused on work, I would throw on ‘Miss Shiney’ by Kaiit and ‘35.31’ by Childish Gambino; the lighthearted, up-beat tunes put me in a positive mood for the rest of the day.”

  • Shannon, First Time Heartbreakee 


“Quarantine has been an interesting ride for me. I truly got into the habit of mellow evenings spent entertaining myself with various hobbies like crafting, playing guitar (which I’m not great at), and watching copious amounts of Netflix. All of which were very toned down, relaxing hobbies in this time of stress and uncertainty. But now being back at work, I seem to not have a moment of energy to combat a busy work day, which is drastically different from my more chill, quarantine life. ‘Go Get ‘Em Tiger’ has helped me get started in the morning better than caffeine ever could. I feel like I can get through a long day of work, especially with songs like ‘Hot Rod’ by Dayglow, ‘Angels’ by DKM, and ‘Happily’ by One Direction – all of which make me feel motivated to start my day.” 

  • Michelle, The Next Jimi Hendrix


“I work at a retirement home, and ever since the pandemic started, I noticed the morale among my coworkers and I decreased significantly. Occasionally, I’ve even struggled to get out of bed because of this. With re-opening, a few things at work have finally started to go back to normal, but I’ve really struggled to remember what ‘normal’ even looks like. Thankfully, ‘Go Get ‘Em Tiger’ never fails to put me in a good mood before my shifts, keeping the morale at work higher than ever. ‘Dancing on my Own’ by Robyn, ‘Mariposa’ by Peach Tree Rascals, and ‘Brokenhearted’ by Karmin all help me prepare for any challenges that our team might face throughout the work day – no matter how unexpected this ‘new normal’ may be.”

  • Jessica, Essential Worker


“To be completely honest, quarantine has been a complete rollercoaster. As I quickly packed my bags to head home in March, I was filled with excitement. This was a very strange year for me. In first year, I was so good at balancing work and my social life. I loved to go out and I was such a confident individual. But in second year, something changed. I was constantly nervous and going out became a source of complete insecurity. So for me, going home sounded amazing. Quarantine had its challenges. Not being able to see my friends or explore my city was hard, but I decided that this was a time where I needed to focus on myself. I started working out here and there and focused my mind on hobbies that made me happy. Slowly but surely, this allowed me to gain a sense of self confidence once again. When Stage three was announced, panic ensued. Many thoughts went through my head; ‘My quarantine body is not ready to be seen in public!’, ‘I need to be pretty again for school.’ However, if this quarantine has taught me anything, it’s that life is unpredictable and there is no time to waste. I’ve learned that the people who love you will always be there for you, and that there is no time like the present to work on yourself – for yourself. The adjustment back into a ‘normal’ social life will be hard but ‘Everytime We Touch’ by Cascada & ‘Dancing Queen’ by ABBA, might be that extra something that help everything fall back into place.”

  • Mariangela, Becky with the new Mindset


“As the months kept passing, and the weather shifted from crisp March air to long summer days, I’ve been trying to spend as much time outside as I can. ‘Go Get ‘Em Tiger’ has been my plus one to all things outdoors – ‘Lonely Weekend’ by Kacey Musgraves has especially reminded me that, even with the world starting to speed up around us, it’s important to always appreciate the little things – regardless of whether or not our time in lockdown is coming to an end.”

  • Emma, Firm Believer That Slow and Steady Wins the Race


“Lockdown basically caused my whole life to slow right down. Moving home from Toronto was a tough adjustment at the beginning – moving back in with my family and switching to online school flipped everything I’d come to love completely upside down. Lockdown ended in early June for me, I was called back to work and finally began shifting back to normalcy. This definitely wasn’t an easy transition, but was made easier by music. Just like everyone else, I had become so used to the relaxed lifestyle of lockdown, but the G-GET playlist has really helped me find my motivation again in returning back to my typical lifestyle. Two songs that have inspired me in the process are ‘Invincible’ by Pop Smoke and ‘Correct!’ by Mickey May.”

  • Isaac, Hip Hop Connoisseur 


“As a person who loves spending time with friends, quarantine and social distancing definitely took a toll on my mental health. Being alone for months upon months with the only option being to hangout with friends through Zoom calls, I struggled to achieve the same sentiment as when we interact in person. I found myself seriously lacking a sense of community, friendship and companionship. It became more challenging to do any sort of mundane activities, even online school, as everything seemed to be such a large adjustment all at once. However, my whole world changed, with the emergence of ‘Go Get Em Tiger’ 2020.  It really allowed me to grow, becoming more grateful about the things in my life, and reminding me to truly live in the moment. Not everyday is promised, so I really started to appreciate life more, even though we are living under unprecedented territory. I also started to really reconnect with my religion and God, hence, the song ‘I Smile’ by American gospel singer/songwriter Kirk Franklin. With such meaningful lyrics, it serves as a reminder that no matter the battles life throws at us, remember to ‘smile’ and maintain positive energy, as God is with us through it all.”

  • JJ, Social Butterfly


“I’m a sleepy person. If I don’t get my ten-twelve hours I wake up groggy and disoriented. I. Always. Feel. Tired. Since the pandemic started, my perfect sleep schedule has completely gone out the window, and I have been sleeping in late and going to bed even later for the first time in my life. Going back to normal (and having to wake up early again) has been so tough. But G’GET has been making my wake up’s something that I look forward to! ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ by King Harvest and ‘Dog Days Are Over’ are songs that especially help me wake up and jump into my day.”

  • Annie, CEO of Naps


“As an introverted extrovert, I can wholeheartedly say that I have transformed into a total home-body throughout lockdown. With Ontario starting to reopen, I’ve realized that I have quite a bit of adjusting to do, seeing as it’s been just me & my mom for the past five months. As someone who’s spent every summer up north since I was nine, I’m definitely having a hard time getting used to what May-August looks like in my hometown, and an even harder time dragging myself out of bed – what can I say, four months with my mom has been the mellow summer I’ve been missing for the past twelve years. Luckily for me, ‘Go Get ‘Em Tiger’ has been just the cure I’ve been needing to pull me out of the lockdown lag. I’ve come to really appreciate the simplicity of solitude whilst staying home, so I’ve definitely needed a little extra help getting ‘up and at ‘em’ while starting to fulfill a busier lifestyle once again. Whenever I need a boost I love listening to ‘Motivation’ by Normani, ‘Like A Girl’ by Lizzo, and ‘Harmony Hall’ by Vampire Weekend. I mean, how couldn’t they make you want to get up and dance?!” 

  • Amy, Certified Introverted Extrovert


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