Gaels on Film: Homecoming 2018

Gaels on Film: Homecoming 2018

To say we love Queen’s is an understatement. This place may challenge us academically, emotionally, and (during the cold winters) physically, the pride that students and alumni carry is unparalleled. There’s a magnetic energy that exists here and it is the reason why tens of thousands of people feel compelled to storm the streets in tricolour for our annual homecoming celebration.

This year, we wanted to shift the focus away from the weekend’s weird and wild shenanigans to instead shine the spotlight on the people that make this place so magical. Taking inspiration from one of MUSE Online’s most popular posts, we tried to capture the essence of #HOCO2018 by kicking it old school with disposable cameras. 

Here are a few of my favourite humans, new friends, and complete strangers living their best lives on this wholesome day. 

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Photography: Jane Bradshaw & Shannon McIlhone
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