A big congratulations is in order MUSERS: you survived yet another Frosh week at Queen’s University. Queens’ most eventful and memorable (if you can remember…) seven days managed to blur itself into about a thousand giddy reunions, endless rounds of drinks, Princess street line ups that were always worth the wait, tricolour everything and swarms of wandering Froshies pretending to know where they were in the ghetto when they really had absolutely no clue (hey, we’ve all been there, right?) The only thing better than Frosh week is the week after Frosh week. You know, the post Frosh week reflection period when you can share—or maybe not share, in some cases—all of your wildly hilarious Frosh week stories. Here’s a little recap of what the MUSE team was up to this past week:

SUNDAY Opening night. Yelled at bypassing frosh from a porch on Aberdeen: “Your bracelets are blinding me!” My vision has yet to recover.

MONDAY Waited in a ridiculously long line up for Beach Slam. Envisioned myself being trampled to death by the hoards of people in a European soccer stadium-esque tragedy. Made it safely inside after about an hour and proceeded to get slammed.

TUESDAY Got decked out in plaid for Tumble and got so drunk that I actually started to like country music.

WEDNESDAY Went to the opening of the Underground and debated whether to start calling it “Undies” or “Undgro.” Still up for debate.

THURSDAY Bonded with my new neighbors on our porch after they gave me a cookie to soothe my pathetic, drunk tears.

FRIDAY Had a major WTF moment when I stepped out of the shower and into my own house party. Obviously I toweled off, grabbed a drink and joined in.

SATURDAY Hit something that felt a lot like rock bottom. Ate Smoke’s poutine and Mr. Donair’s poutine… in the same night. Woke up with the taste of gravy and regret in my mouth.

Until next Frosh week….


Yours creatively,

Abi Conners, Online Editor + The MUSE team

 Image: We Heart It

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