We’re wrapping up Frosh Week, which means that as of today, it’s really back to school. But really, that’s the beginning of the biggest part of the best four years of our lives, right?

We asked upperclassmen what advice they’d give frosh, and they responded with answers from the heartfelt, to the hilarious, to… the kind of common sense? (yeah, they should do laundry? how did you not, person who said that they never used the res washers?)

Read our favourites below!

Keep your sleep schedule in line, for your own sake. – 4th Year

Upper year boys are honestly trash. – 2nd Year

Be nice to everyone! And try and do your readings on time. – 4th Year

You get what you put in – First Year is hard but also amazing if you give it your all and join clubs, put yourself out there, and give it 100%. – 3rd Year

A wise friend recently told me: “Remember you can legit do anything with class.” – 3rd Year

Call your mom. Or your dad. Or whoever you think of when you think of home. – 2nd Year

Don’t be afraid to talk to profs! Make professional relationships early so you’re not scrambling for a reference for grad school in Fourth Year. – 4th Year

Share your meal equivs, please. – 3rd Year

Enjoy Lenny pizza while you can. – 4th Year

Don’t be so stressed! Everything has a way of working out. And don’t get in your own head! You got this!! – 2nd Year

No matter how bad the food is at the caf, you still need to eat. – 4th Year
Become friends with your floor! – 2nd Year
Stay open-minded about new people and opportunities! – 4th Year
Focus on you. Don’t get wrapped up in what everyone else is doing and how you should be doing this or that more or less. Do what’s good for you. Oh— and every upper year and frosh around you have felt what you are feeling now if you are homesick/lonely/etc… it gets easier and we survived! – 2nd Year
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