Fashion’s King, Karl Lagerfeld, may as well have shouted “Flats are back” from the rooftops of Paris because flat shoes paraded down almost all of the S/S14 and F/W14 runways. HOORAY! CHEERS FOR COMFORT! Ever since Cara Delevingne strutted down the Grand Palais-turned-Chanel-superstore’s runway wearing Chanel tweed trainers (um, a dream), it’s been clear that flats would be a dominant trend this year. And it was true. With star-speckled flatform brogues at Stella McCartney’s AW14 show, to open-toed, sling back brogues breaking hearts at 3.1 Philip Lim (major want), it’s now official: we can fashionably stow away our heels for 2014.

Your previously errand-only/ wear-to-the venue shoes are getting all the glory this season, as the chicest feet are already sporting this year’s fashionable flat. Ashley Olsen has been wearing Givenchy’s refined version of the Birkenstock throughout New York. While she and her sister Mary-Kate, fashion’s favourite twins, have both donned the far-more affordable white and navy Superga sneakers. Even the Queen of Heels herself, Victoria Beckham, has been seen in (hold your breath) a great pair of tuxedo oxfords.


Off the runway and feet of street style favourites, this trend transitions perfectly into your own student lifestyle! Whether you are running late for class, tired of tottering in line at the bars, don’t want to slip in the slush/snow/ice that won’t go away, or you are just too lazy to don those suede heeled booties to QP…you don’t have to anymore! This year you get to slip on a pair of ballet flats, sliders, brogues or even New Balance sneakers (see Alexa Chung looking maximally hip in hers) and be assured that you’ll not only be comfortable, but also très chic according to the crème de la crème of fashion.

So go ahead, give flats a chance. Try them out!

For sliders, you can either go sporty á la Nike…

… or why not add a touch of glam with these Topshop beauties?

My personal favourite: this pair of  “golf shoe-esque” leather sandals from Zara.

Or, you can remain a faithful Olsen fan by sticking with the Superga Cotus plimsoll.


Top to Bottom: Zara, River Island


Top to Bottom: Top Shop, Superga 

No matter what type of flat you do choose, there’s no going wrong this season because, that’s right, (third time’s a charm) FLATS ARE BACK! Enjoy! So go run free, look cute, and kiss your blisters and knee scrapes goodbye because now you never have to fear falling down!

Let’s all pray to Le Karl that this trend sticks for a very long time, s’il-vous-plait.

P.S. For the Carrie Bradshaw’s of the world: don’t worry your sweet little fit-for-Manolo feet. Lots of top designers continued to love their heels this year (see my queen, Isabel Marant). It’s just that now, the rest of us who look… less than elegant walking down the street in some 4-inch sling-backs get to feel some love from the fashion world too.



Yours creatively,

Isabel Mundigo-Moore, Online Contributor 


Images: Elle Magazine, Tumblr

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