If you’ve ever seen me walking down the street or at the gym with my headphones in, there’s about a 98% chance that I’m listening to a podcast. Given my love for the medium, it is not shocking that for my 4th year film thesis project I chose to create a podcast series in lieu of a film.

For my podcast series, I decided to focus on the theme of love. Who do you think of when you hear the word love? Do you think of your romantic partner, your best friend, your ex or your mother? Love takes form in so many different relationships we hold throughout our lives. In order to take a closer look into the intimacy held among these different types of love, I decided I would get couples to answer Arthur Aron’s 36 questions right here on this podcast. If you’re not familiar with these questions check out this past MUSE article.

Each episode will feature a different couple; whether its two strangers, siblings, best friends, a married couple, or even two people who have had a one night stand – and we see if the 36 questions lead to love or make them fall even further.

Today’s episode features two extra special people: my parents. What does love look like after you’ve been married 29 years, had a child and run a business together? On this episode of Pillow Talk, Dorothy and Richard answer Arthur Aron’s 36 questions – otherwise known as the questions that lead to love.

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Lucie Quinlan is the MUSE Editor-in-Chief for 2018/2019. 

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