BY SYDNEY WILLIAMS                                                                                                                                                             MUSIC EDITOR

If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend Coachella this past April it may seem like you missed out on THE music festival of the year. But your chance to rock out to your favourite bands and possibly discover some new ones is still possible. So, grab your poncho and remember to pack your sunscreen because it is time to take look at some of the hottest festivals to hit parking lots and this summer!

Afropunk Brooklyn

AUG 26-27

Afropunk 17

Image courtesy of Urban Field Notes

Afropunk is an annual music festival that was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York out of the need for an event that celebrated the punk and alternative music cultures in the African-American community. From Electronic to R&B, alternative rock and back Afropunk has something for everyone! It offers up a killer line up each year attracting an audience as diverse as it’s performers such as Burn, Tyler the Creator, and Kaytranda. It is also known as one of the most diverse music festivals in America and has recently expanded to Atlanta, Paris, London, and Johannesburg with rumours of adding a city California to the circuit. 


AUG 3-6


Image courtesy of Lollapolooza

Lollapalooza is a touring festival that takes place in August starting in Chicago Illinois and traveling to Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Paris. It offers up a diverse range of bands, featuring genres such as heavy metal, edm, punk and much much more! With performances by classic rock icons such as the Foo Fighters , newer artists like Lil Yatchy and representation from underground bands like the Melvins it attracts people of all ages and is definitely not something you want to miss!


JULY 28-30


Image courtesy of Blog TO

Don’t think you have to pop across the boarder or book an airplane ticket just to hear your favourite artists, because right here in Canada we have our very own musical experience! Wayhome is a three-day arts and music festival that takes place in a custom made camping ground in Burl’s Creek, just an hour outside of Toronto. Attendees are put up in camping accommodations that range from tent camping all the way to the luxuries of RV’s, and not too worry the grounds are also equipped with toilets and showers. Although Wayhome is considered to be mainly a music festival is has also incorporated food and arts into its roster to make it a truly unique experience.

There is definitely no shortage on music events this summer! Free concerts and performances are always popping up around the GTA so be sure to keep an ear out!

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