Where can you find porcelain (probably haunted) dolls, typewriters, and maps older than Betty White all under the same roof?

The answer to that would be Antique Alley.


Located a short walk from the LCBO on the south end of Princess St. is Kingston’s one, and only Antique Alley. Although not an actual alley like the name indicates, it houses over 4000 sq ft of the oldest, weirdest, and coolest stuff Kingston has to offer. Much bigger and warmer than an alley could ever be, it shames even Diagon Alley.

Owned by a lovely lady and her family, Antique Alley contains literally everything under the sun (for once I mean literally, literally, not literally figuratively). There is a section of racks holding vintage furs and gowns, massive bookshelves containing original copies of maps and books, olden-style snowshoes…you name it!


As beautiful and interesting as some of these pieces are, this is not the kind of vintage store you would go to decorate your room like you saw on Pinterest. The majority of the pieces are timeless and worth thousands of dollars (some more than your tuition that’s for sure). That being said, you do not have to be an antique dealer or collector to visit. This is a great place to visit, browse and photograph.


With eight different vendors, this antique collectible store is constantly changing in inventory, meaning that every time you visit, your experience will be different from your next.

So if you’re a history buff that is interested in pieces from the past, secretly watch Antique Roadshow in your free time (don’t worry this is a judgement free zone) or if you have watched all the good movies on Netflix and need something else to do, Antique Alley is a must see. Even if you do not fall under any of those categories, go check it out because this place is pretty damn cool.



Find them at 207B Wellington Road or check out their website www.antiquealley.ca for more information and timings.

Yours Creatively,

Shanelle Furtado, Online Contributor

Photography: Shanelle Furtado

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