Meet Jennifer Lawrence: The realest, coolest, most down-to-earth celebrity around (O.K. so I don’t actually know her, but if I did, I am positive she would be real, cool and down-to-earth.) I’ve always liked Jennifer; I mean, what’s not to like? She’s talented for one, taking on roles in some seriously badass films like the Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook (which, I should mention, won her an Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role this year) She has also received tons of attention for her amazing red carpet ensembles- I swear her slinky, red Calvin Klein number at the 2012 Oscars is one for the history books. So, this girl has the acting chops and an envious red carpet wardrobe. Big deal, right? These days in Hollywood, that’s way more than enough to launch you into celebrity superstardom, but perhaps not enough to set you apart from Hollywood’s abundance of gifted, designer-clad actresses.  So, what made me fall completely head-over-heels-girl-crush-in-love with Jennifer Lawrence?

Enter the 2013 Oscars. Jennifer Lawrence is up for the Best Actress award, dressed fabulously in a blush Dior gown. Her name is called, and, overwhelmed with excitement, she gets up to graciously accept her award. Then it happens. Tripping on her extravagant dress, Jennifer Lawrence falls while walking up the stairs. At the Oscars! Up until now, I had no idea that celebrities ever fell, or embarrassed themselves, or made mistakes that normal people make. What would usually be considered a cringe-worthy, humiliating moment for any other actress, actually turned out to be a defining moment in Jennifer’s rise to fame. The fall was epic. It was iconic. Above all else it was real. And only Jennifer Lawrence could make such a misfortune work in her favor. It was in this moment that the rest of North America (myself included) fell with her; in love, of course.

Jennifer proceeded to play off this “disaster” as calmly as humanly possible, making light of the situation with a witty joke before her acceptance speech. As if this wasn’t enough to secure a soft spot in Hollywood’s cold, merciless heart, Jennifer gave one of the most candid post Oscar question and answers ever. She was unapologetic. She was honest. She was shamelessly sarcastic. She said exactly what was on her mind. She admitted that she had a shot backstage before entering the pressroom. Of her on-stage tumble, she said that the only thing going through her mind was: “ a bad word that I can’t say….that starts with ‘F’”. Jennifer Lawrence was so endearing, that she managed to get away with jokingly flipping off a reporter. This was the definition of effortlessly charming, and somehow, Jennifer’s class consisted of swearing, giving someone the finger and admitting to alcohol consumption. If this isn’t refreshing, I don’t know what is.

Jennifer is adored because she is completely authentic and fearless. She is the girl that everyone wants to be best friends with. She is the reminder that Hollywood isn’t as glamorous as it may seem, and celebrity status isn’t actually attained by some seamless, super human species among us. Jennifer is different, and she stands out without ever trying too hard. In a Hollywood world full of Kardashians, who make their living off of being complete phonies, Jennifer Lawrence is 100% real. She is the breath of fresh air in a suffocating celebrity bubble that seems to constantly celebrate inauthenticity. She serves as inspiration for all of us to stay true to ourselves, and embrace whatever “flaws” we may have. Sure, Jennifer might be outspoken, loud, and a little bit quirky. Sure she fell going up the stairs at the Oscars. But she makes it all work because she owns it, and she makes no apologies for who she is. And while she is among hundreds of celebrities who boast seemingly flawless and superhuman qualities, she is a reminder that the idea of being a “normal,” down-to-earth girl (flaws and all!) is actually a lot more special than one might think.

Keep on keepin’ it real J-Law.

Yours Creatively,

Abi Conners, First-Year Representative  

Photo cred: Ze Catalist and Rack

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