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The year was 1999 and I was six; just a little nugget trying to find my way in the world. I wish I had known then how sweet life really was. Sure, I had zero freedom. Of course I couldn’t drive and didn’t have a cell phone and whatnot; but I could—and did— eat KD every single day; and for that reason alone, life was grand. Among the perks of being a six-year-old (prequel to Perks of Being a Wallflower?) in the late 90s was the ability to wear clothes that were both horrible and awesome at the same time. Crimp the shit out of your hair and then create a minefield of butterfly clips? Good Call! Overalls over everything? Nailed it! Tying your sweatshirt from your favourite grey-on-grey tracksuit around your waist? Both convenient and stylin’!

As we grew older, through our awkward tweens and only slightly less-awkward teens, we said goodbye to the trends that defined our youth. We gave away our jelly shoes and packed up our chokers, never expecting to see these ghosts of closets past ever again. But here we are. Its 2013. I’m 19 years-old, And as I’m getting dressed to go to a university lecture, I tie a denim shirt around my waist because for some reason, I think it looks good. The trends of our past are back, my friends, and there’s nothing to do but embrace it!

Until just a few months ago, the last time I had tied a sweatshirt around my waist in a public setting around actual human beings was probably grade five, and even then it was borderline weird. But then, one day this summer, I had an urge to make this very fashion statement. At first I thought it was just me. I wondered if by thinking that it was cool to wear this, I had actually lost my entire “coolness factor” (of course, referring to it as my ‘coolness factor’ kind of speaks for itself). But then slowly but surely, I realized that the trend that had rocked my world at age six was back. It was in the magazines and on the chic people of instagram. Trendy people at Coachella rocked it hard, and it even made appearances on the runway at fashion week. Kanye’s digging it. Beyonce’s loving it. And because Beyonce is reason enough, I officially pronounce that tying things around your waist is once again, cool.

Yet another trend that’s having a way-back-play-back is overalls. Yes, overalls. There are literally a pair of $385 Isabel Marant short overalls on the market at this very moment. I kid you not. And while I wouldn’t suggest splurging on this look (because lets be real, how long can overalls actually stay in style,) I would suggest taking a trip into your basement over Thanksgiving weekend and nabbing your Dad’s old pair. And then, when you sit around the Thanksgiving dinner table, give many thanks that men no longer wear this nostalgic garb.

Overalls and the “Great Waist Tie of ’99” are only two of the many trends from our childhoods that are having a second wind. So, wear ‘em while they’re cool and relive the glory days. Just please, don’t crimp your hair.

Yours creatively,

Avery Hoffman, Social Media Team + MUSE Weekly Blogger

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