Every Man Should Own These Shoes

Every Man Should Own These Shoes

Who doesn’t love boots? The advantages are seemingly endless; warmer for those colder fall days, high-top to keep you out of the mud or rain, usually a little tougher than running shoes, can add an inch to your height, and of course they look amazing. They are perfect for this weird end of fall/start of winter we’re having, but which boots should you buy? Here’s a rundown of some of the classics, as well as a few newer trends that you should be slipping on your feet as the mercury trickles down. 

Classic: The Chelsea 

Nordstrom (Common Project), ALDO, , Steve Madden)

Chelsea Boots have been around for hundreds of years but came forward in their modern form in London’s Mod scene in the 1960s. They were quickly made popular by groups like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and have remained a staple for a lot of Rockstar looks, but these shoes are great for every day. They slip on easily (which is always a plus) and can really elevate any fall look. They work in a ton of colours and can match with anything from jeans to chinos to dress pants. If you want to step things up a bit, I put the Chelsea Boot forward.

Trendy: The Hiker

Eddie Bauer, Nordstrom (UGG)

Although hiking boots have been around in the practiced form for a while, they gained a lot of clout on the Fall/Winter Season runways and are a key to showing that you really know your stuff this year. These boots aren’t necessarily your Dad’s Keens, but they still are super practical, warm, and a really cool like for this fall.

Classic: The Chukka/Desert

Banana Republic, Nordstrom (Tempe), Clark’s

Another staple, and one that you might see a little more of around Queen’s campus in the Desert boot. Desert boots sit a little lower than most boots (just above the ankle) and come in leather or suede. They usually fall somewhere along the brown spectrum and go great with a pair of jeans or dark chinos. A perfect pair of shoes for an easy fall hike or a stroll through campus, Desert boots are a must have.

Trendy: The Army

The Army Boot is always been a cool off-brand look, but with the rise of oversized, Doc Martens with a pair of checked pants has really become a staple. With plaid being in this fall, pairing a plaid pant with a pair of army boots looks really stylish, a little different, and very cool.

Classic: The Dress


Dress boots are awesome. Not having to wear dress shoes on a cold or snowy winter day because you have a pair of killer boots is amazing. Wing-tips or Brogues are a great call and can also be dressed down with a pair of jeans or chinos to make your morning lecture look a little nicer. 

Boots are necessary for the first snow fall but grabbing a couple nice pairs for the fall months can step your look up and give you that little boost to your day to make up for the fact that the sun is now going down at six o’clock. 

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