Ever wonder what life is like in a maximum-security correctional facility? What it’s like to be a feminist in 2019? Or, how to talk dirty to your partner in bed? Welcome to the world of podcasts, aka one of my favourite mediums to consume some of the most random yet captivating information this world has to offer. Whether I’m waiting in line for my coffee at Cogro, or procrastinating my endless piles of work, listening to podcasts has easily become one of my go-to pastimes. Don’t you just love technology!


I recognize that many of us are running out of time to read physical books or maybe you just don’t like reading at all, but you like listening to interesting stories as if you’re 6 years old being tucked into bed by your parents with a bedtime story. Podcasts are the perfect on-the-go solution! I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite podcasts – including recommendations from friends, profs and yes, my mum. While the MUSE Podcast will always be one of the best, hosted by our very own Online Editor, Trish Rooney, I’m certain that at least one of the podcasts listed below will not disappoint. Enjoy!


  1. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

Yes, you read that title correctly: Oprah has her own podcast and let me be the first to admit, I am obsessed. I mean who doesn’t love Oprah? What can’t this woman do? The answer, nothing. As you might expect, this podcast is a conglomeration of some of Oprah’s best interviews with thought-leaders, best-selling authors, spiritual guru’s and wellness experts alike. I truly leave every podcast feeling invigorated and vivified, and I can’t wait for all of you future listeners to feel more connected to your spiritual selves.


  1. No Second Chances

Calling all politically charged readers, eager to learn more about Canada’s gendered history: this one is for you! As part of a larger 2020 political special, No Second Chances follows the political journeys of Canada’s 12 female First Ministers. To put this into context, there have been more than three times as many First Ministers named ‘John’ than there have been women. This staggering statistic may seem disheartening, however, the host Kate Graham turns the focus to the lives of the women themselves, and their impact on Canada’s history. Written from an intersectional point of view, this collection of personal anecdotes reveals some of the broader societal issues in contemporary politics and will fuel your desire for action, as feminist allies.


  1. Power and Politics

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, or just avoiding politics at all cost, the Canadian Federal election is taking place on October 21st and that is a BIG deal. This election will determine the policies that shape our future and we have the privilege of shaping the direction that it will take. Lucky for you, Muse Magazine has you covered on all things politics, from How to Vote and now the perfect podcast, breaking down all the party platforms, that will help you decipher who to vote for this fall. This non-partisan podcast, hosted by Vassy Kapelos, asks the hard questions and reveals the undercurrents of the dramatic Canadian political scene. So whether you’re into politics or not, now is the time to be informed. “I don’t understand politics so I can’t vote” will no longer suffice as an excuse to not exercise your fundamental right to vote. So like the former President of the United States, Barack Obama, once said, “Don’t boo, vote!”


  1. The Guilty Feminist

I often find myself questioning my role as a feminist in a society that seems to be so judgmental about what constitutes the definition of a ‘good feminist’. For any of you that have read the book Bad Feminist: Essays by Roxane Gay, you know what I’m talking about. I am a feminist but…what if I still like it when my partner pays for my meal on the first date? Or what if I don’t attend every woman’s march on a yearly basis? This podcast breaks down those insecurities and more, as the comedic host, Deborah Frances-White talks with experts from around the world. So if you’ve ever wondered if you’re being too much, why you’re called bossy (while your male-counterparts are called leaders) or how to break the glass ceiling as a feminist ally of minority groups, then give this podcast a listen. And maybe, you too will find some solace and support in your uncertainty as another guilty feminist.


  1. Hoodrat to Headwrap: A Decolonized Podcast

Sexuality educator, Erika Hart and Oakland’s, Ebody Donnley, offer listeners the privilege to listen to their wisdom, wit and insights into the oppressive, white supremacist structures that continue to perpetuate contemporary societal issues. As a white, cis-gendered, able-bodied woman attending Queen’s University, I recognize the immense amount of privilege I have and the responsibility that I have to educate myself on the injustices that impact marginalized groups on a daily basis. Whenever the word privilege gets brought up, people (especially non-marginalized groups) feel like they are being accused of doing something wrong. Commonly, they defensively respond with a retort along the lines of, “I didn’t choose this positionality” – as if that’s an excuse to not recognize the structures that are in place to benefit themselves. The world needs to gets comfortable talking about privilege and its relation to societal issues, in order for any real progress to start being made. And this podcast acts as a great jumping-off point for that discussion to take place.


  1. Stuff You Should Know

The title of this podcast says it all: this podcast contains anything and everything that the hosts believe all people should know about the world. Hosts, Josh Clark and Charles Bryant, cover everything but the kitchen sink, including Satanism, LSD, chaos theory, Rosa Parks and what makes us yawn. Need a great opener to DM to your next Tinder match? Want a fun fact to tell at your grandma’s 90th birthday party? This podcast has got you covered. So get ready to be filled with some of the most fascinating yet useless knowledge you will ever acquire, and embrace the prospect of being a badass pretentious b*tch.


  1. Hardcore History

Recommended to me by one of my fellow history nerds, this podcast is a little more hardcore than the last recommendation, as it is a compilation of roughly four-hour-long episodes breaking down some of the most famous, and often niche events throughout history. This podcast is a bit more of a commitment compared to the other podcasts on this list, simply due to the sheer length of time of each episode. However, if you’re willing to commit the time, even just 20 minutes a day, you’ll be sure to know that no episode is short of fascinating and riveting. From the Celtic Holocaust to the years of the Nuclear Age, this podcast is a great listen for all those history nerds out there that just want to listen to some of the most interesting stories of our past.


  1. The Sustainable Minimalists

Coming off the high of last week’s Climate Action Strike, I know that many of you are probably wondering so, what’s next? I care about the environment but how can I adopt a more sustainable lifestyle? If you thought you were the only one asking yourself these questions, then I’m here to let you know that you are most certainly not alone. Lucky for you, there’s a whole podcast dedicated to educating you about things you can do on a daily basis to help combat climate change! Host, Stephanie, discusses environmentally contentious issues through an intersectional and informative lens – ranging on topics from sustainability, to minimalism, zero-waste living, de-cluttering and conscious consumerism. This is a must-listen for people of all ages so tell your friends! Tell your parents! Tell your dog! And make sure to act sustainably!


  1. Ear Hustle

Ever wonder how prisoners pass notes to each other in prison? What life is like post-incarceration? Ear Hustle answers all those questions and more, as the hosts discuss the daily realities of life inside prison by those living in it, and the stories of those living in the outside world, reintegrating into society after serving time. This podcast was born as a project between Nigel Poor, a Bay Area visual artist, and Earlonne Woods, a former incarcerated resident at San Quentin State Prison – one of the most famous maximum-security correctional facilities in the United States. The stories are heart-wrenching, occasionally hilarious, and brutally honest. Get ready to feel all the feels with this one, and enjoy learning about one of the most stigmatized topics of our time.


  1. My Favorite Murder

Since its inception in 2016, My Favorite Murder has garnered worldwide fame as the hit true crime comedy podcast. Co-hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, the two women balance along a fine line of humour and horror, as they recount wickedly vile murders from decades past. As we saw with the fame that came with the release of the Ted Bundy documentary on Netflix earlier this year, Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, people love learning about crimes from the past. Maybe its part of our human nature, or maybe those of us that have an affinity for these types of stories are just sick ourselves. Who knows! But if you’re into this weird sh*t like me, then make sure to give this podcast a listen and remember to lock your doors at night (you’ll want to after just one listen).


  1. Call Her Daddy

Lastly, this list would not be complete without the infamous podcast, Call Her Daddy. Before I tell you all the juicy details about how wonderfully sexually explicit this podcast is, I need to get one thing out of the way. Mom if you’re reading this – please stop! Close this tab…do not bring up this podcast at Thanksgiving dinner…are you gone? Yes, ok good. Now, Call Her Daddy is everyone’s favourite girl chat podcast, co-hosted by Sofia Franklyn and Alexandra Cooper. Essentially: nothing is off-limits for these two hilarious women. So whether you’re looking for tips on how to talk dirty to your partner in bed, or just want to listen to some pretty crass and (somewhat overly) detailed recollections of the hosts’ nights out, make sure to give this podcast a listen and be sure to call her daddy.


As a final gift from me to you, please enjoy this playlist that I made below, which includes some of my favourite episodes from each of the podcasts listed above! So go grab your headphones, press play and fuel your soul with some thoughts from some of the most interesting people you’ll ever listen to.



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