Drooling for Ruelle



The best discoveries are often the serendipitous ones, and there’s nothing like that moment when you discover a new artist who you are instantly drawn to. Such was my excitement when I first heard about Ruelle. The group’s track “Until We Go Down” is featured on the theatrical trailer for the upcoming thriller film The Loft, and boy, is it good.


This isn’t the first time Ruelle’s music has had a spot in the limelight. The Nashville-based electro-pop group’s music has been used on television shows such as Revenge, Sleepy Hollow, DaVinci’s Demons, and Reckless. The group is fronted by the vocals of Maggie Eckford, coupled with the writings and arrangements of various producers. In January of 2015 the tracks were compiled into the EP Up In Flames under the group name Ruelle, but Eckford herself is no rookie to the music industry.


Her debut album For What It’s Worth was released in the summer of 2010, breaking her into music industry awareness with her southern-meets-pop sounds (Eckford is a Mississippi native). Her sophomore album, Show + Tell, only furthered her establishment among fans. In venturing to collaborate with Ruelle’s heavier pop sounds, Eckford’s versatility as an artist has taken her into a whole new music game.


Ruelle’s SoundCloud biography describes Eckford’s vocals as “mesmerizing” and “accompanied by dark, cinematic undertones and catchy melodic hooks”. This much is quite certain: tracks such as “Until We Go Down” and “Big Guns” pack a big punch, highlighting the contrast between Ruelle’s deep bass and Eckford’s harmonious voice. While it may not be the best EP for those in a light-listening mood, if you are an electronic music fan Ruelle is a definite must-have in your library.


Yours Creatively,

Celina Fazio, Online Contributor

Photograph: Ruelle Music

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