This summer, while sitting at an outdoor bar in Edinburgh with my mom, I noticed my yellow culottes were the exact same colour as the orange juice in my oh-so-fancy drink. From the top of my head to the rim of my glass, I suddenly felt completely put together. It’s funny what a confidence boost you can get from accidentally matching your drink to your pants.

Now, there’s nothing I love more than Kingston’s gorgeous downtown —and the inevitable trips to different restaurants and bars around the neighbourhood. As we only have so much time left to go out before exams bring an official end to patio-season, we should take advantage of the next few weeks to level-up our already on-point outfits.

The next time you go out or host a party, I challenge you to upgrade your accessory game by matching your drink to your pants. I guarantee you’ll feel like your outfit is a perfect 10.

Here are my suggestions for perfect drink and pant pairs:

(Tap the photos to see the recipes!)


Brunch-season never ends. Pair your favourite morning-beverage with these lovely, orange-juice coloured culottes.

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Whiskey Neat

These high-class and warm bottoms call for a simple and mature drink. One ingredient served properly makes the most dashing accessory.

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Blackberry Mojito

These dark, floral bottoms call for a crowd-favourite with a twist. A hint of blackberry will up your drink game and emphasize the same detail in your pants.

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Cotton Candy Daiquiri

These fun and flirty pants call for an equally exciting drink. Match your candy-coloured bottoms with something sweet!

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Moscow Mule

These retro flared-cords call for a classic cocktail invented in the 70s. Nothing says groovy like this perfect pair.

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Royal Blue Cocktail

A bright plaid calls for a bright drink. Stand out of the vodka-cran crowd with a royal blue cocktail to match your inner highness.

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Red Wine

Simple and sexy. These silky reds demand only the smoothest of red wines.

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Elderflower Martini

Feeling floral and sophisticated? An elderflower martini is the perfect drink to have while sporting your most delicate of pants.

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Match your favourite jeans and favourite people with this refreshing drink to sip on at any occasion.

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Nothing says “relax” like a margarita. Pair this drink with your brightest summer patterns to complete your day-off look.

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If you didn’t see this coming, you should have —tequila almost always equals no pants.

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