Down There is Pretty Dope


Down There is fucking awesome.

The play is directed by Hanna Brynn and Rida Sakina and features a full cast of 16 individuals. Produced by the Women’s Empowerment Committee, it touches on issues of race, rape, beards, masculinity, insecurity, and more.

The play isn’t a cohesive story or anything. It’s more of a collection of experiences, which are presented by the cast. This is done through direct storytelling, poems, music, and even dance. I dug the range of presentations displayed by the cast, as it kept the audience focused, excited, and locked into what they were experiencing. Honestly, it was powerful to see people perform their hearts out. The fact that the pieces were self-written meant that the audience couldn’t help but connect with the actors on stage for their moments of interaction and performance.


Throughout all the pieces presented, there were stories and performances that everyone could connect with. If you see the play, you’re going to find a voice that directly speaks to you. Down There made me really reflect on the human experience in general. Everything seems so fragmented, but really, we’re all connected. That’s what this play is about, and that’s why it’s awesome.

So, if you’re like me, and never really seen student-produced productions, I’m going to highly recommend going to see Down There. Even if you’re not like me though, and you see productions semi-regularly, I’m still going to say go see Down There. It is a really beautiful piece that connects with everyone – a rare thing.


You can get the tickets at the ASUS Core and at the Queen’s Center for 10 dollars now. It runs from March 11th to 14th at the Rotunda Theatre in Theological Hall.

Yours Creatively,

Enoch Ncube, Videographer and Online Contributor

Photography: Enoch Ncube

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