DJ Your Life with these 5 YouTube Channels

DJ Your Life with these 5 YouTube Channels

In the midst of midterm season, we often listen to our trusty studying playlists to the point of exhaustion. Looking for something different from your tried-and-true favourites? These 5 YouTube channels offer a world of new music to discover, each with their own distinct flavour so there’s something for everyone. Happy listening:

1. Koala Kontrol

This channel offers something special – music you can apply to your own videos. The two main playlists on this channel are Everything and Copyright-Free Stuff. This means that every song found on the Copyright-Free Stuff playlist can be used in video content of your own creation, and not get taken down due to copyright laws. Simply add a link to the video when crediting the music and you are set. This music channel also gives you a choice of ready-made playlists put together based on genre and by artist. Koala Kontrol gives you some relaxed tracks that also feature some sweet production value. This channel is worth listening to and using as a tool for your own creations!

2. The Hyve

The Hyve is perfect for a venture into the cool British indie rock scene. Track after track, The Hyve features some of the best UK artists smashing the indie/alternative rock sound in today’s market. The channel itself is split into different playlists including: Indie/Pop, Rock/Upbeat, and Alternative/Heavy. Of course, there is also a stripped back acoustic playlist and a stream of better-known artists. At the very least, new tunes are uploaded once a week, meaning your eardrums will never get bored. This channel has the power to turn you on to a bunch of great artists, like Lawrence Taylor or Tenterhook. Plus, it provides sweet playlists with a range of vibes, styles, and moods.

3. Mahogany Sessions

If you are looking for a relaxed feel and some beautifully done live acoustic versions of some of your favourite songs (and some lesser known tracks), then Mahogany Sessions is for you. Familiar names like Bastille, Hozier, and Lewis Watson, as well as an abundance of hidden-treasure artists, are recorded playing some of their songs live and acoustically on this channel. A few playlists are featured, including: The Best of Mahogany/Our Selection, Mahogany Sessions at Music Festivals, and Sessions for Your Sunday Afternoon. New videos are posted every week and offer tracks accompanied by guitar, piano, percussion, violin, and more.

4. BBC Radio 1

While BBC Radio 1 is an immensely popular UK radio station, their YouTube channel includes games, interviews, and of course, music! The real gold is the Radio 1 Live Lounge, which is the very first playlist listed on this awesome channel. In the Live Lounge, all your favourite artists, bands, and DJs cover rad songs in their own styles. The best part is that the cover is usually not a song you would expect from that particular artist- the Live Lounge veers away from predictability and offers up artists out of their comfort zones, adapting songs into fantastic new reworks. The new arrangements can sometimes even trump the original, or turn a song you were not so keen on into your favourite track on repeat.

5. MrSuicideSheep

Not exactly sure what you are in the mood for? Well, MrSuicideSheep has a long list of playlists to choose from. There are nine playlists to be exact, each of which features a different musical genre. Some titles include: Chill Out/Downtempo, Dubstep & Garage, Indie Electronica, and House. There is even a playlist titled All the Rest, which gives a home to all those tricky tracks that cannot be placed. Under each playlist title, the channel gives a description of what you can expect from the listed tracks. Also on offer is a Mixes playlist, which has 1 hour+ mixes that provide the listener with an entire arc of a carefully crafted musical set. Not only can you hear artists’ remixed originals, but there are also remixed covers for your listening pleasure.

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Ella Deutsch, Online Contributor

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