With fall officially upon us and temperatures beginning to dip, why not add a little warmth to your room decor? This floral wall hanging is easy to create and can add a burst of colour to any room. The best part? It will only cost you $11! We chose to embrace the season by using all fall colours, but you can choose any colour combination that would suit your room best.

We were able to find all of these at the dollar store or in our own backyard

– Fake flowers (amount depends on the size of the branch)
– Wire
– A tree branch
– Scissors
– Optional: You may also need duct tape or hot glue



– Save the leaves from each flower in case you need to fill gaps on the branch
– Leave a little bit of the branch bare on each end to add more of a natural look
– Use ribbon to hang the branch from the wall by cutting one long piece and attaching it to each end



1. Cut off each individual flower from its bouquet – make sure to leave the stem long enough!


2. Cut a piece of wire and attach it by wrapping it around the stem, just under the flower

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3. Bend the head of each flower so it’s facing the desired direction, and wrap the stem around the branch

4. Wrap wire around the stem and branch to hold it in place, and then add a bit of duct tape over the end of the wire to make sure it stays


5. Continue adding flowers until the branch is as full as you want it


6. Flip the branch over, and cover the backside with either a long strip of duct tape, or by hot gluing ribbon over top to cover the wire and stems

And you’re done! All it takes is six simple steps (and $11) to create something beautiful to spice up your bedroom!

Yours Creatively,

Charlotte Sanders & Hannah Davis, Marketing Coordinators

Images: Charlotte Sanders & Hannah Davis

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