Did HRC Bring the Power Look Back?

Did HRC Bring the Power Look Back?

BY MAGGIE WHITMORE                                                       



Derek Lam SS18. Image courtesy of Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images.

After seasons of being shown different versions of the same looks, fashion has taken a 180 at New York Fashion Week. Intentional dressing has returned with one fowl swoop. For quite some time, the goal of fashion has been to make it look like you weren’t trying to look or dress a certain way, the idea that you unintentionally followed trends and dressed in more of a laid back style, a casualness that takes hours to achieve reduced to looking like it took minutes.

The grunge look seems to be stepping out the door after a few seasons of its very obvious presence. Well-known brands such as, Calvin Klein, Tibi and Tom Ford all showcased looks fitting of a casual business attire, with many of the models donning high-waisted dress pants and shoulder pads in their suit jackets. This attire may reflect the ever classic pant suit, suggesting we have not forgotten the mark Hilary Clinton left on the fashion world.



Tibi SS 2018. Image courtesy of Fashionisers.

The return of elegance is truly upon us, with long gowns at Brock Collection, although many designers are working to create a more structured look within the gowns and dresses this season. Even the menswear has a look of elegance to it as we are no longer looking for the grunge, pared-down fashion we once admired- we’re focused on dressing to impress, whether it is with elegance, structure or both.

Even though structure and elegance makes it sound like the fashion world is taking a more serious turn, the colours being used say otherwise. Unlike previous years designers are using fun, primary colours- bright yellows and reds, vibrant blue, and even more patterns, although black is still a well-known staple.


Adam Selman SS18. Image courtesy of Vogue Runway.

This season of bringing back structure and elegance is undoubtably a reflection upon what is happening in our world. With many women feeling less powerful and confident due to the political climate and other societal changes, fashion bringing structured clothing back for women, and dressing them more “like the boys,” in pantsuits and ill-fitting jackets, is creating the trend of the powerful business woman.

This fashion season we are seeing old trends revived and new ones tested, it will be quite the season from the looks of it, I wish you luck with your intentional dressing and hope you can find a pant suit that fits you like a second skin.

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