Head to toe denim has long been mistaken as the unfortunate choice outfit for us Canadians: so much so, that we managed to earn this get-up an equally as unfortunate nickname: The Canadian Tuxedo (much thanks to Super Troopers). To make matters worse, who could forget Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears’ infamous matching denim outfits back in 2001, earning denim on denim the highest fashion faux pas status achievable? But fear not, fellow canucks! Right now in the fashion world, there isn’t a better time to be Canadian. Denim on denim is rocking down runways and pieces inspired by the northern tux are earning spots in designer’s spring collections, turning this former fashion no-no into spring’s hottest trend. Of course, everyone loves a great pair of jeans, but this season, denim isn’t stopping there. Skirts, dresses and outerwear are all being invaded by spring’s choice material, and the old jean classics are better than ever, making causally comfortable denim in every way, shape and form a must-have (and who doesn’t love being comfy and stylish?) Show Canada some love and get inspired by these amazing new denim pieces to update your spring wardrobe- they look great on their own or paired with another denim piece if you’re feeling extra trendy (and patriotic!)

If you’re intimidated by the thought of pulling off a full-on denim outfit, there is one rule that will ensure no fashion crimes are committed: when pairing denim with denim, create some contrast and make sure the washes aren’t too similar. And if you think you might be starting to get a little too denim happy –which isn’t hard with all of these adorable denim finds– Brit and JT are the perfect indicator of where to draw the line. 

Denim x Leather

If you love the laid-back look of denim but don’t want to give up the edginess of your leather jacket, this denim-leather hybrid is a perfect way to get the best of both worlds. While the denim jacket is still a go-to for the spring, the addition of leather sleeves to this classic piece isthe perfect solution if you’re suffering from some denim boredom.

The Denim Skirt

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the denim skirt, and this time we are not taking notes from any pop stars, circa 2001 (remember those tiny, ripped-up, washed-out mini skirts from your preteen years?) The denim skirt is taking a classier approach this season, so look for one that hits just above the knees- short without being too short. Buttons are the perfect detail to keep the look sophisticated and grown up.

The Denim Dress

You really can’t go wrong with a denim dress or jumper this spring- with so many different styles- collared, coverall-inspired and sleeveless just to name a few- and washes to choose from, denim dresses are an easy, effortless piece, which look just as chic with a pair of booties or flats as they do with a pair of heels. I am especially obsessed with the Eiffel tower print on this denim Chic Nova dress.

The Denim Vest

Another alternative to the denim jacket, a distressed denim vest is a key layering piece for the warm spring weather (and it transitions well into the summer!) It looks great paired with everything, from dresses and maxi skirts to a pair of printed jeans. Stud or pearl embellishments make this wardrobe staple high on edge appeal. 

Tie-Dyed/Ombre Denim

Tie dyed and acid wash are definitely a standout right now. These 80’s inspired pieces don’t require too much dressing up because they make a statement on their own, so if you’re sporting a pair of these bleached out bad boys, keep your top simple and understated. Ombre denim is also hot right now, and I’ll definitely be investing in these Jessica Simpson dark-light denims. 

 Patterned Denim

Patterned denim has been in style for a while now, but this season the patterns are  a little less bold and a little more dainty-the tiny flowers on this BDG button up are a perfect example of the more delicate patterns that are showing up on denim this spring. My favorite pattern by far is polka dots (how adorable are those Marc by Marc Jacobs jeans?) which makes a statement without being too out there.

 Color Blocked Denim

Color blocked and two-toned is a bold new take on denim dressing, and really exemplifies the phrase “denim on denim.” Varying shades of indigo create a graphic look for the modern girl. Color blocked button ups are an essential, and definitely one up a plain denim shirt if you’re looking for an update. I’m also in love these two-toned MiH jeans. They look trendy but practical, and the washed out shade is perfect for spring.

Denim Backpacks

Is denim fever a little too much for you? These jeans backpacks are the perfect minimal dose of denim to keep you looking fresh on campus.

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