I’ll never forget how excited I was to decorate my residence room. There are few things more exciting to me than having a space where you can start from scratch and transform it into your own personal haven/cave for the winter. This feeling does not go away when you move into a new house, as your space to work with (usually) becomes even bigger!

During Frosh Week, I visited some of my friends at their new places and could not believe how well they had transformed their spaces. Whether their houses were newly built, or 100 years old in the heart of the ghetto, I was so impressed by the ways people had decorated their rooms. So here’s to the people who just love interior design, and for anyone who needs some direction or inspiration on how to make their room their own unique space.

ROOM #1:


“I got most of my decorative pieces from Home Sense and Urban Outfitters. My favourite thing is my tapestry, because it brings a lot of warmth into the room and makes it feel really cozy.”


“I started with a lot of beige and brown colours, neutrals, and added colour to it after with accent pieces. Neutrals will always blend together no matter what, so it’s easy to start designing with a base!”

ROOM #2:


“I’m definitely a homebody, so I try to make anywhere I go feel and look as homey as possible. I also spend way too many hours on Pinterest, so when you put those things together, you get a lot of twine and mason jars.”


“I love the story behind my ladder/beside table though. When I was visiting my friend in Guelph, I saw this thrift shop, which my friend described as very unique, that I really wanted to go into. Every time I look at [that table] I am reminded of that hilarious time with my friend.”


“My favourite part of my room by far is the collage of pictures on my wall. I searched through many thrift shops and home decor shops and ended up with this. It took a long time, but I really feel like it brings my room together.”

ROOM #3:


“I like how open and light my room is. My blinds are pretty sheer so it helps me get up in the morning.”


“I think the colours I chose, the pinks and lavenders, are both mellow but happy. I got my pillows and tapestry from Urban Outfitters (on sale yo) and bedding, dresser, and candles from Ikea.”

For all of you out there who are wanting to change your rooms around and make it cozier, winter is just around the corner! There are no rules to designing, everyone has their own unique style and taste. If you like something, then try it out! Don’t be afraid to play around with different colours and pieces. Happy decorating!

Yours creatively,

Erez Zobary, Online Reviewer

Images: Erez Zobary

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